How to stop Facebook from stealing our data?

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In last few weeks we heard the news about Facebook, Google, and Twitter banning or planning to ban all cryptocurrency related adds. The official report is telling us that they are very concerned about the safety of people investing in cryptocurrencies and they claim that to be the main reason for that act. Knowing that these big internet companies are making most of their earnings by selling adds, and we are aware that they don't have some extra moral values (Just look at the Facebook news from two days ago), it is hard to understand this decision. I will tell you what is possibly one of the main reasons for this decision and their open war against cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general. The reason is, of course - MONEY, the money that these internet giants are earning on their user's "private" data.

For all of you that have been sleeping for the last few decades let me explain you what am I talking about with one simple example. (All of you being awake and aware of this please just skip next part).


You know how when you click on some add on the internet, maybe while scrolling down your Facebook profile, that add, or some other add on the same theme start following you all around the internet. Why and how is that happening? Facebook has recognized that you are interested in certain product or service and then sold your data to companies that are selling that kind of product and want to advertise it. Maybe you don't realize, but your online data is worth hundreds or even thousands of USD per year, and someone is stealing it from you and making money on it without asking for any permission, or even sending you small chocolate and a postcard to say thanks. We can say this or that, but at the end, the way how this multi-billion dollar business is operating is one BIG theft of users data.

With the development of blockchain technology, new opportunities raised and provide everyday people with a mighty tool to change this and fight injustice. There are already several blockchain based projects developing with the main goal to give personal data back in the hands of their owners. One of the most promising is Opiria with their PDATA TOKEN.


The basic idea behind Opiria project is simple. Your data belongs to you, and if you decide to share it with different companies, you will earn PDATA Tokens that will be tradeable on cryptocurrency market. Opiria ecosystem is directly connecting companies with consumers willing to sell their data, without any middleman. Thanks to the blockchain technology whole process is transparent, safe and easy to use.

As I already explained data brokerage business is huge and worth unbelievable high 250 Billion per year. It is expected to grow even more in the future, but unfair business practice will be left in the history and data of any individual will be in his possession to decide what to do with it.

Opiria already made a working product that has proven to be successful and profitable by working with a big number of Fortune 500 companies and helping them to reach their customers directly. You can download Opiria App and see for yourself how Opiria ecosystem is operating.


Opiria has a big team of experts developing this project, and their roadmap is showing us great plans for future development and expansion. Their main token sale is starting in 18 days, and if you want to support Opiria project and invest, please JOIN THE WHITELIST. Before making your investment decision I encourage you to read Opiria well written 77 pages long WHITEPAPER and connect with team and community on OPIRIA TELEGRAM.










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you are right, they make a ton of money by selling our data. thats why they don't like the blockchain . I will take a look at Opiria. it sounds like a good project


This is just one of the life segments that blockchain will change forever...

thanks for this great post very important post keep it and stay blessed.


Our Internet privacy is a very important topic and I hope that Opiria will help in making thing better in that area...


yeah absolutely and this is the beauty of this community where people share his/her personal experience and in this post you touch very important edge.i am so kind of you and once again thanks for this beautiful contribution.

The Blockchain is the future, no more manipulations like the platform as Facebook. Very well explained in your post.


Thanks OlegW :)

thanks for this great post very important post keep it and stay blessed.
you are right, they make a ton of money by selling our data. thats why they don't like the blockchain . I will take a look at Opiria. it sounds like a good project