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RE: I See Bubble People

@kyriacos, thanks for your post! I used to hate turbulence on an airplane until I realized the sudden uplifts were evidence that the wings had air under them. A correction so to speak. So, no more fear. When it get's bumpy, I take a nap. And, in this case, I stop looking at my accounts. It will turn around.


well put @karencarrens . I will use your example in the future.

Easy for you to say now. But the fact remains that bitcoin holders have not yet experienced a true wave of fear in calendar year 2017. The fact is that in most markets, anything that rallies for 1000% generally experiences at least 1 50% correction soon afterwards. the ONLY 50% correction in Bitcoin was right after Mt Gox. You WILL see one. And even using the $3000 bitcoin high, that means bitcoin will see at least $1500 sometime this year. If you can sleep though bitcoin $1500 then check your pulse. If bitcoin continues to drop to say sub $1000 and you STILL feel nothing. Well then it might be time for a complete physical check up. Personally I love fear/panic becuz it generates great buy opportunites. If bitcoin does actually trade sub $1500 we shall see what the locals are thinking via the daily spews. I bet most won't be as "cavalier" as you are. Especially the ones who paid $2500+.

@joejustjoe, you're right. In full disclosure, I can't relate. I'm new to this and really only see the upside to crypto because I just discovered the hopelessness of the fiat. Forgive me if I came across as cavalier, I can promise you, I'm not. I'm hopeful.

There ya go. The first step is to admit that you don't actually know what it feels like until you actually feel it. And one sure way to find out is to just ask someone who actually did experience it. I've already seen many people who have sworn off EVER buying ethereum again after their stops were taken out during that meltdown that took it to .10..or .13..whatever that low was. "If" you happened to be trading through an exchange that didn't compensate you for that loss, trust's a very difficult emotion to recover from. Especially when you see the price right back up there at $350 the next day. Etherium now showing its true intentions is bitcoin.