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RE: Why Ripple Token (XRP) is Terribly Overvalued

Wait until you see XRP blow up now that Western Union signed on. There is more to come. Market cap of XRP is only 7% away now from the other 1,290+ coins out there that total 22% of crypto market cap. BTC now at 36%. XRP will be #1 Market cap coin in 2 months or less.


I'm sorry to say, but that will never happen.

What will never happen? #1 Marketcap? Ok, we'll see. Many said #4, #3, #2 would never happen.....we'll just have to see. I believe BTC is going to get shorted and wrecked here especially due to its speed and cost as well as the Wall Street boys messing with it. XRP has a bright future in my opinion. I am in since $0.17 and $0.20 so I am happy with where it is at and anything over $0.50 is cream to me.

Same. Very reasonable analysis. I'm following you. :)