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RE: Why Ripple Token (XRP) is Terribly Overvalued

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Ripple Ripple Ripple XRP - is where it is at. $0.30 by Jan. and $1.00 next year. The lockup will really boost it as well. Very stable and well supported coin with a tremendous employee base of experienced and knowledgeable people. Yes, it is not the ideal as it is heavily tied to the establishment, however I believe it will be one of the coins that lasts when the dust settles and 75% of the current crypto-coins are extinct. #ripplexrp wallet: rPVMhWBsfF9iMXYj3aAzJVkPDTFNSyWdKy Tag: 1317751799


Dang, only 30 cents? Hope you were able to hold on to $3.

Rule #1 for me is never mess with or sell my XRP. HODL

Id rather lose 1k or make a million. HODFL

just like in the internet crash, a few companies made it out. Amazon, apple and google. This is xrp in this world of shitcoins. They will be one of the few who take it to the next level. People dont realize that it is not tied to the establishment like they think. Ripple labs could close tomorrow, xrp and the network would continue and the organic use cases like merchant and p2p would continue to emerge. Ripple acknowledges these other use cases, and stated they want the coin to be used for them, they are just focusing on fi's because thats where world change will come from.

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