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RE: Bottom Line Business Benefits Of Accepting Cryptocurrency

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Cool. Great article. One are that could need some exploration is the accounting side of things.

Also, on the volatility front. There's a light side to it. Which is the potential to have your purchasing power grow over time.

If we show businesses an average price trend. instead of a price chart. Then they might see the value in holding some of their crypto earnings longer term. Not all ofcourse cuz cashflow.

But what business would not like say a 2x ROI in 6 months? very realistic in crypto land. particularly with the top dog coins.


Thanks and of course they would love to get a return. But that is investment advice and another topic entirely. I hold crypto and have benefitted greatly from doing so, but for the topic of this post decided to not recommend businesses hold. Thanks for reading my post. You have a new follower.

Yeah I hear you on that. And while there's legal risko in giving investment advice. I still disagree that this possibility should be omitted.

of all the benefits crypto can bring people, protection and growth in purchasing power is without a doubt one of the top ones.

Teaching businesses to learn to take advantage of volatility is going to give them a head start, specially as the global geopolitical markets get more volatile, and as crypto continues to rise.

im not saying we should pump it. and it is def a very sensitive topic. but we are doing people a dis service if we don't atleast suggest they hold a little bit.

I have a retailer I set up who can give personal testiment to this here in mexico.

I agree with you 100%