You can now buy apartments in Turkey using Bitcoin

in cryptocurrency •  last year

First it was Dubai, and now it's Turkey.

If you are in the market for a new apartment, particularly a high-end one (and you live in the right place), you may find yourself able to purchase it using Bitcoins.

Dubai announced about a month ago a new apartment project where Bitcoin owners would get first crack at purchasing the upscale apartments:

Turkey is now following suit.

The owner of the MiaVita Beytepe project in Ankara, Turkey, recently announced that it's luxury apartments are available for purchase using Bitcoin. 

This development would mark the first time real estate transactions would be made using Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in Turkey.

The project manager, Erdal Daldaban, specifically had this to say:

"We decided to make sales via Bitcoin, which has recently attracted the attention of Turkish investors with its recent value route, considering that we could also attract the attention of our customers who appreciate their investments like this."

This follows an announcement last week that a house in Austin, Texas was sold for Bitcoin. 

Why Bitcoin?

According to Daldaban it is the logical next step:

"Bitcoin and digital money has become an element that can no longer be ignored by the global economy."

Mostly due to its price increase and its adoption taking place around the world, I would assume.

However, this next quote by Daldaban was the most interesting in my opinion:

"Bitcoin is independent of monetary policies that control conventional currencies and acts on its own channel as it is not tied to any Central Bank."

That might be of particular interest to people in certain countries.

Could a perceived negative also a positive?

The fact that Bitcoin is not legal tender can also work in it's favor as it isn't subject to a lot of the rules and regulations that currencies in the region might face.

Therefore, one of the things seen as a negative as of late, can also be one of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies biggest positives. In countries where rampant inflation and monetary debasement might be taking place, owning Bitcoin is a great way to hedge and protect your wealth. 

A store of value if you will... imagine that.

Turkey officially declared Bitcoin "not a currency" back in 2013, but hasn't updated their official stance since that time.

Their reasoning being that it isn't backed by a central government. Perhaps that is also one of its biggest positives... 

Stay informed my friends.


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Wow... That's a great news...!!

this is the future man!


Great for people who have bitcoins :(
It's just another day for us minnows.

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Thank you


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I don't have a lot of steem.

The MA is not as great to be honest and just like you I wish I had been participating in BitCoin right away.
Why did I listen to my friend who told me its garbage, instead of checking it out earlier and realizing that its all I ever wanted.

Well, that life sometimes.

Anyway, now we have these great tools available to us and we should use them. There is no need to feel bad about the past and just move towards a better future is always possible :)


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I already got 50 cents. Is that like a whole square millimeter in a Turkish apartment?


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Lol. I was just thinking the same thing.


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Thats the spirit :)


lol :D

theoretical millionaire.


I like the sound of that. Owning a single bitcoin may be a bit expensive right now but atleast we are getting a piece of the crptocurrency pie with steemit. And when steem is $1000 we'll all be laughing to the bank(or your nearest crypto exchange)


that single btc might at 400grand by 2020


$4000 is not that expensive....itslike owning 1/21millionth of the total money supply, which is insane, like if there was only 21 million Bars of gold and you had one of them....

Hmm yeah seems strange at FIRST then u realize, theres 7 billion people so 21 million isnt even enough for everyone on earth to have 1 bitcoin....hahaha imagine people with thousands of bitcoin, LOl and the peopel woith MILLIONS of bitcoins? a MILLION bitcoins thats a 4 blllion dollars..... hah imagine when someone goes "yeah Im a bitcoin millionaire, no i mean i have 1 million BITCOINS" hahah having 1 million dollars wont be very much

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people think bitcoin could go down to 3 dollars per bitcoin hah thats crazy, who would sell them for that cheap? Sure you COULD end up with $3 a flash crash for a short period of tiume, hah i just cant see it hapening see people KNOW its more valouable than $3 people KNOW its more valuable than $1000 and peopel are starting to realize that since Bitcoin is SOLID and its Uncrackable and is the SAFEST way to store your money, people just realize that MATH is the best way to keep value, and the PRICE of bitcoin IS NOT A COMPANY its NOT a STOCK peopel DONT GET that Bitcoin doesnt CARE how expensive you or any government thinks it is! Bitcoin just goes higher and higher and noone can do anything to erase math from the plaet hahahah Math exists and therefor bitcoin private keys will contunue to work and yes maybe quantum computers in 100 years might break bitcoin but by then we will have some new crypto currency that will really be unbreakable, also the drive to crack a bitcoin walet is like a huge bounty for doing work, it is INCENTIVE to keep building faster computers where youll be able to steal bitcoin from a wallet etc, like taking bitcoin from some big wallet and you could then make it necisary to need quantum computers then you use THOSE quantum computers to make new unbreakable cryopto currency then you have a race to break ythat and it will keep pushing computing power foreward etc...or thats one way to look at it...i think incentive will always be there to build faster computers but I think bitcoin and crypto mining has strengthened the computer graphics card and processor cmanufactyiuring on this planet it made sure that every last video card was bought and used to mine with LOL so now people have something to use computers for to just make money by default its realy powerful concept that we have npot had untill now, the ideaof a computer literally making money, before the computer had to do something which could then later turn into money or maybe trade ion stoick markets etc but now with bitcoin u can just fuckin make money out of computing power which makes things next level

i really believe we ned to see this video on emulated humans running in computer programs on servers having to make money working to then supply the electricity and computer power needed to emulate their human brain which is being run in a simulation....


Soon u will 2 btc a Beachhouse!!! 100.000Btc in 2years! ;o)


Maybe in the next years if BTC goes very high ?


I concur wholeheartedly. I wished I had gotten in on BTC earlier. HODL what you can


A lot of us missed the boat on bitcoin...4000$ per coin! Go catch another boat(i.e., other coins will rise)

This is quite interesting. Using bitcoin to by traditional assets. a friend bought a townhouse in nyc for 10 million using bitcoin. take a look at this bitcoin real estate link that shows how many different countries around the world where you can find listed properties that can be purchased with bitcoin. for the seller it is a great way to build crypto assets .



The sale of real estate with Bitcoin is actually a sensible and wise attempt. I also want to sell my newly completed apartment in BTC in Istanbul. But my only problem is; at the end of the official transaction to be made with the buyer, how can I formalize this transaction according to the applicable laws? For example, how do I declare BTC during official registration if I buy from the apartment sale?


They probably escrow and back the bitcoin. You send it to them, they transfer it to fiat to complete the transaction. The only real transactional realestate conducted in the US was by IBREA International Blockchain Real Estate Association in Cook County with the help of the County Recorder.


Thank you for your kind reply.

upvoted and resteemed very interesting. We will see the crypto gaining popularity and the mainstream of money is beginning to take away from the fraud goverment thanks


@hiroyamagishi I definiteky agree with you. As I mentioned to @jrcornel above, This actions are the ones helping more people to gain trust on crypto and bitcoin itself. Gave you an upvote. @gold84


@hiroyamagishi oke. let me follow you

Interesting, bit by bit the btc is accepted and more and more "goods" could be paid with the crypto mother.
Post itself is Interesting, Thanks for sharing


facilitate, without the need to bring money
and use ATM?

Didnt thought turkish government would be that tolerant towards btc.

thats cool... that's why i have to reach Bitcoin! !! 😂. least once in my life hahah..

Wow. Bitcoiners are scattered everywhere and this is a good news for us!

Lol, I can't buy a flight ticket, so apartment is impossible destination xD

This is a really good news. In Indonesia, we only can buy a cup of expresso. I believe one day we can purchase everything using bitcoin. It is all about the process.

Wow shows the inclination towards Bitcoins.

This definitely goes positive for crypto currency lovers.

Much appreciated, Great work!!

All want to get Bitcoin or other cryptos while they're that cheap

Soon you will be able to buy in any country and does who refuse to accept Bitcoin will lose a great share of the buying market. They can't afford it. If there is a demand to buy in bitcoin there will be a market ready to satisfy that demand.


Very true, as well a close neighbor, Romania is working it's way up with a similar adoption for real estate accepting bitcoin for some residential projects and many private sellers. Very good article, keep informing => KEEP GROWING !!!


You are right my friends.That's a really great news.

Great information!

Oo very interesting post :)


great news! its getting used more and more :)

very interesting case, but the bitcoin rate is not stable, there is also a problem.
Follow me @keks
Thank you


wow, your photos are amazing! Welcome to steemit. I follow you now as starting present.
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That's pretty nice, the more things that you will be able to buy with Bitcoin the more people will be interested in it. Because buying a house with "magical internet money" will be a serious thing for them.


Yes it will be. Now we just need governments to stay out of the way long enough for these things to really establish themselves.


When you can buy real assets with it - consumers will really start to understand the value of it. Like you said - right now it seems like some "magical internet money" but when they start seeing people buying houses , cars and groceries - they will start to rethink the value of it. With all the trade sanctions in N.. Korea - we may see other countries using it more as they try to skirt international sanctions to keep the flow of trade going - this could lead to increased use and adaptation.

Thank you for the lovely post, wishing you all the best.:) information is sure to come in handy, but more than that, it gives me great confidence to know your hard work is being the useful.

Wow, this trend should start all over the place. This is direct buying, though projects like REAL and Atlant will do the same eventually and the tokenholders can buy or rent a property collective. Time is changing, so is money. Cheers!!!

good to know. This is the future, so liberating.

Awesome news for bitcoin.

Wow thats a very nice development!! If Crypto owners get priority on purchase, all the right people are going be intrested, the rich ones.

Very informative information details

Bitcoin change the economic system,the world is changing.

"Bitcoin and digital money has become
an element that can no longer be ignored by the global economy."

-Very well said-Upvoted @jrcornel


wow, your photos are amazing! Welcome to steemit. I follow you now as starting present.
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Wow this is good news. Am so happy to hear this. This means bitcoin is truly hear to stay. Those big banks can no longer decide what our money will be, rather we will. Bitcoin puts the power of money back into the hands of the people. GOOD work turkey, good work

Bitcoin price is increasing as we speak. Bitcoin you have today will be worth more in future.


wow nice

Wooooow now also turkey.
This is great :)

Wow that's a great news for bitcoin market.

Eventually everything may be purchased with bitcoin. It is the future.

This is actually very interesting, and makes we wonder if Bitcoin is already being actively used as a modern day "Tax Haven"

This is a big step to bitcoin, for this things I think bitcoin is going to form a big part of the economy in the future not so far.

Great news for turkish people for investment..

Interesting Post. I appreciate you. More people get interested in Bitcoin will buy more things from it. This will increase the value of Bitcoin soon. Thanks for sharing such amazing post @jrcornel buddy :)

At this point, we can only hope that the value continues to increase :) Maybe, within 5 year i could buy my own house!

Ever Day acceptance is the key !!! Once we achieve that , we can Then move to the next phase of this revolution .

The interesting thing about countries which consider crypto as ‘shady’ because of its lack of regulation, is the fact that bank-financed monies which are regulated, is often a part of a serious smoke-and-mirrors façade.

In many affluent areas, real-estate is owned by people who will NEVER reside in the property. The owner often lives in faraway countries. Who is to know if they converted ‘shady’ crypto money to USD? I assure you, making the commission on the property is going to be the bottom line. How the money originated, isn’t likely going to be one of the real-estate developer’s ‘genuine’ interests.

Seeing the U.S. house bought with BTC supports my premise about the real-estate agent’s bottom line. This is not meant to be derogatory; quite the opposite. Your ‘money’ is good here.

Bottom line: The more BTC continues to grow, the less power those fighting against it will have.


That's amazing. More stuff like this will be allowed in the future!

@jrcornel. Thanks so much for this. I would love to hear Jamie Dimon's views on this gem.


That's a great step to future..

wow posting is very good and worth to follow.
and be a good example.
very good.

Wow, bitcoin would probably a major virtual cryptocurrency that the world would be used after 5 or 10 years, i just remember the term one world currency when it was prophesy by our one of the minster pastor 10 years ago. So now, its real.

Very interesting... instead of Bitcoin being considered fringe, it is starting to b considered a exclusive/luxury item.

nice informations about Bitcoin you provided @jrcoenel, and now after dubai now turkey start work with Bitcoins. and will be the big and first transactions in these countries in real estate field. and i think now one by one other countries also followed them. there is no doubt that very soon next time will be the digital money. thanks a lot for sharing informative and useful article.

Nice post..
Turky is the best

It’s not true new, just one apart is stolen using bitcoin but other who has got aparts they don’t accept bitcoins

Great post i found it quite interesting and helpful as well, your journey blogging has only just begun. Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best for your future endeavors. Thank you very much for the post!

very nice dubai city, i'm very sporty.

Great post and very informative. @jrcornel Have learnt a lot from it.

Thanks for your post because it is very interesting.

But I think now this is only possible in certain countries where the banks and the governs don't have the control of real estate business with taxes and legal requirements for buying and selling.
I think this is very imposible in the short term in Europe where I live.

I hope the rules change as soon as posible !!!

That's great news
Day by day cryptocurrencies demand and acceptance are increasing in the world
Wow na

I bet you have to pay into some escrow service. Until you sign a contract I wouldn't just pay into some bitcoin address until I had the keys to the property.

I saw on reddit that we can now buy Lambos with bitcoin, YES, now I just have to wait till I accumulate that much bitcoin and go shopping!

@jrcornel it is great to know that more real estate projects are being sold via Bitcoin. This is helping people to know more about it and adds trust to its value. Thanks for sharing. Just upvoted. @gold84

Cool! It's interesting to see this and consider it against the backdrop of Jamie Dimon's negative statements about Bitcoin.

"Bitcoin is a fraud" and it will be "closed down by governments." Regardless of what anyone might think of him, isn't he just making himself look like a complete idiot when countries like Japan, Switzerland, Greece and Turkey are busy welcoming Bitcoin... seems to me he's barking after the "fox" has already been IN the henhouse.


Amazing foto you please follow me and vote me @bilqis07 thank you for you

Bitcoin is now popular in the market.

Hi there! How have you been? This is really cool to read about. I really look forward to the day that I hop on your page and there's an article about a steem debit card, or something which doesn't require an exchange ;) I do believe that day will come!

Omg! It's a good news! How about foreigner?

Tats awsome:) to hear
* B
C *
Ya man the Amazon shipping site also allows the btc coin .

Nice post, very informative.

What is needed now is global property finance or mortages in cryptocurrency.

That can only solidify the value of cryptocurrency linking it with real property.

Had anyone bought any flats yet from bitcoin ?

It also is a great way to take the profit from the sale and increase it with the anticipated increase in value in bitcoin.

People might see their profit doubled on such a transaction by the end of the year if BTC hits the $7K+ level.

Thanks for posting.


Yes, that is possible. Although, in most cases where people are selling large items like this for Bitcoin, people are converting to local fiat right away.

Its good for cryptocurrency that countries will allow them to using in their own country in a proper currency

I'm hoping for the day when a house = one bitcoin! Possible! Nice post.

I want to buy , who wants to seel it Upvote here

And there are still people who say they can not buy anything with bitcoin.

Wow.. awesome 👍

Wow this Is awesome .

very nice

Gives me the idea to sell my place for Bitcoin. Thanks!

One can dream. Thanks for sharing!

This is great for DNM VENDORS! LOL....

I might be wrong but hasn't this already happened ? I remember reading someone buying a property with btc (probably not in Turkey). Anyone knows ?

LOL: I saw this story on the merkle and i kNOW you did too!

and I wish you would add a lil more to your post so people don't think Steemit whales just get paid $20 to repost the merkle or coindesk!
I feel like many steemit users dont even know about coindesk cointelegraph themerkle and and maybe a few more just yeah we should strive for more info in the posts JUST so people can not accuse us of "cheating" i mean look when dinosaur media has a 10 page story they take it seriously so maybe we should do longer posts i dunno i feel like longer pots would be really cool

like here you could have talked about the real estate blockchain stuff like LAtoken etc
but hey i like how u brought uop the apartments in dubai and house in austin texas sold for bitcoin but you should bring some more up ! of course I am jelous that you make $200 of reposting news stories and i hope i can do that and more power to you, i gave u an upvote,

Hmm I see that you joined last year, you have 6000 followers damn yeah i wanna be making $100 or $200 a day agfain like youre doing now!

dude youve got like $100k in steempower BRO youre gonna be a billionaire i hope you must be nice to be at that level already, out of the around 14 millionaires in the US, how many you think have bitcoin or steem or crypto? They will be Billioanires if they can have 1 million of their money in crypto

dude wow i wish i was at where you are!

sorry for the criticisim but i mjust jelous!

dude WOAH I just saw your recent post about POLONIEX steem/SBD wallets being back?!?!? DUDE we can do ARbitrage !!!!!

WOAH so is it working good now???

More and more places will allow purchases using Bitcoins. This implies that more and more fiat holders will convert their debased currencies into cryptos and drive the market cap bigger.

thank you for the information you share @jrcornel if you are not busy visit my blog to have a look :) thank you.

I'm thinking if you live in a country like Belize where you can access electricity you could live off a mining rig off 100 dollars a month I wonder if this is already being done cause gpu are selling out image

great! thank you for sharing!

Bitcoin is Good Work and Beautiful Jobs

very interesting article you have..have a great day..bitcoin change the world now..

hello comrade your post is amazing, hopefully this is useful for us all. followme @rambeesbd

Wow, amazing!
Turky 👏👏👏

Strangely conservative countries are more liberally adopting cryptos!!!

i have no this amoumt of Bitcoins, so to say how these news surprised and make me happy i cant.


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people have statrted moving into real estate in near future bigt companies will be bought by Bitcoins

I can only say this, Welcome to the future of money...

What a beautiful dubai shot, good friend