My First Episode Of 'Cryptocurrency Weekly Wrap Up' Is Now Posted!


As I mentioned earlier, I just completed my first episode of 'Cryptocurrency Weekly Wrap Up' with @Lukewearechange. It'll be a weekly show (every Saturday) breaking down the latest crypto news!

It's great to see independent medias collaborating on reports, especially with so much happening 24/7. It's next to impossible to report on every subject and I figured I'd answer the call when Luke reached out to his viewers.

It's an honor to talk facts with Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange!

I hope you like the show!

You can find the FULL report here:

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I bet that Korean justice minister and his dirty compatriots in the gov. had their limit buy orders set on the major coins prior to that BS announcement.


I certainly wouldn't doubt it!

Great co-op! I love both your two works so united you are even better. I am glad to find you guys here on Steemit and DTube. :)

:Very good stuff. I am an ancient juvenile who never learned to salute the Thug State. Crypto IS the revolution. Let's make sure it is.


Absolutely! It all comes down to us being educated enough to see the frauds and see the good ones. That determination comes from a great understanding of centralization vs decentralization as well as scarcity and application.


Love the phrase "an ancient juvenile"! Vive la revolution.

This is a great colaboration! Y'all have a chimistry not unlike New World Next Week with the James x 2. B.T.W. Josh... Luke needs to know he looks like my younger brother, so be sure to make him aware of that fact. Sooo excited for this! Thanks a ton!


haha Thanks! Luke was looking to make it as close to that show as possible. lol Personally, I just winged it. XD


Politicians need elaborately written speaches to keep their story straight. Those of us with the truth on our side can talk off of the top of the head. Your "winging it" was articilate & insightful. This is going to be a fun & helpful series. Luke does look like my brother & he should know it.

I think this is an incredibly beneficial corroboration! Thanks to both of you! As always, your analysis of the situation is very helpful for a newbie like me!


Great Saturday night show!! Hope you keep it going 😁

Thanks for the resteem @fishyculture. Great info----as always, looking forward to following these fine chaps. Happy Steeming

I am reluctant to vote for all of you @joshsigurdson @fishyculture @lukewearechange becsuse i have voted myself into oblivian! Still learning how to mitigate that aspect of upvote!!! ....any tips would be appreciated, you all deserve VOTES ❤ but, i promised myself i would just cruise the steem and check interesting posts out. Wa wa waaaaa!


LOL! I SO feel your pain. After 4 days of TRYING to not vote to recover, I am finally JUST over 80% again this morning! Going to try to do a few LITTLE votes today, let it build back to over 90% then I am going to get some discipline about my voting. If you saw the determined look on my face you would KNOW I am serious this time, by golly... lol!


Seriously!! The struggle is real ❤❤❤

We've got this gurl!! Cruise the steem and comment and be OK with that!! Ahhhh!! #steemproblems #novotesfornow


I appreciate it and am happy to help! That's why I'm here! :)

Nice show, keep it up! Hope to see you next week again!

Finally serious crypto news :)... Keep it up guys... I have some crypto news most of the time... but I just post it in my own way on my blog.

For instance the upcoming Bitcoin Private Fork.

Nice to see you two working together! Fedcoin and Britcoin, ahahaha what jokes

Sounds good! I'm following all three of you (John included) and will look forward to the weekly show. Upvoted and Resteemed!

may be i reasteam your post sir because i liked in your all post

I support you.
happy activity and
always success @noshsigurfson

Love it, guys. Hope you continue. Thanks.

Watching.................. Best wishes on new venture

How about internet browser called 'brave' blocking ads and trackers? and the search engine such as 'duckduckgo'? And is there a good decentralized email?

i love seeing you both bringing the truth and please continue with what you've started.

Great broadcast and information. The Revolution of Social Media is here. Time to take back our future.

Great job! Looking forward to next week. :-)

Very good video, it was nice to listen.
And I hope you will do it more.

I really Loved Your Cover Up On The Crypto Currency With Luke...I Just Started Following You....Looking forward for your next weekend's wrap up and for your regular posts as well...Thank You...

Thank You

That's great that you're doing that. I am actually starting a weekly crypto show and podcast doing something similar.

I work full time in ICO consulting, online cryptocurrency courses and now Steemit. I would love to connect more and talk about what we do!

My Steemit Chat and Discord handles are both @lukebrn.

Reality work..nice effort..of original !such a beautiful post line is nice way to introducing post yourself.I look foward to seeing more from this blog. All the best in 2018..@owaishassankhan
Can we fallow each other.if you like...i like it very much.

Thanks for this informative video. I can't always keep up with the latest developments so it's great to have an expert sum up the week like this.

It's nice to hear about the signatures in South Korea putting pressure on govt - we need more of this type of awareness.

I think this is an unbelievably advantageous verification! Because of both of you! As usual, your examination of the circumstance is exceptionally useful for a beginner like me!