5 New Technologies That Could Transform Crypto Society

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2018 has some very interesting convergence of new technology that could change society. 

1. 5G will be rolling out in select markets

2. The global brain will have large amount of data for the first time.

3. Crypto exchanges could begin the process of being de-centralized.

4. World Governments will try to hurt crypto holders forcing more privacy.

5. Low orbiting satellite internet should start launching.

I'm sure worldwide government is thinking this is good for their data collection. However they might be surprised to find out the people of the world will also find this very useful for dumping fiat currency and for buying, trading, and transferring cryptocurrencies. These days we can piggy back on many signals, and people around the world want their favorite crypto of choice.

Some of these new technologies will be possible health issues, and people should consider getting special earpieces to protect from 5G power. Also the AI at the center of the global brain project will have allot more data stored on us. Privacy will become a major industry as people begin to realize what is happening, and crypto in this sub sector should be considered as a long term hold.

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Oh Yes They Really Are Still Around!

So what do you see new for 2018, and what technology are you looking forward too?

Until next time!


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Somthing that Customer Support says too much!! “Please turn off and back on” seems to fix everything haha. I have told them a thousand times that it fixes only service issues, the problem most of the times is deeper and will re surface. 2018 will be a world changer, hope crypto keeps on the path of mainstream adoption. Go SuperiorCoin.

2018 has already began here within the markets. I can feel the Tether printing as we speak. We have been mining SUP non-stop now and slowing buying as a family so let's make some amazing products people need, and launch this thing to the moon.

«5G will be rolling out in select markets» Good news for fast internet access, bad news for sperm count...


On the RF spectrum, 5G is close to microwaves - how will this affect our brains? Particularly say in a child's bedroom??

In terms of privacy, Verge [XVG] with its Wraith Protocol and obfuscation of IP addresses would appear to make its use obligatory.

I agree 5G will need to be kept in special case or something. Lead box maybe? I'm all in on Verge, and look forward to the development plan.

Wifi is already microwaves
«802.11 (b/g/n) typically operates on the 2.4 GHz band. This is conveniently the same/very close to the band that your microwave oven emits.»

Yes, bad for brain. DNA. Who cares about infertility and cancer? In practical terms: not many

Now I left out all of the scary stuff like Putin's flesh eating robot's comments, and AI concerns. But in my opinion we will be able to take advantage of these new technologies and use them for our own re-purpose. This will cause some countries to ban part or all of crypto causing mass adoption via decentralized exchanges.

Real talk @johngentry lots of changes around the world, waiting in London to see what happens with Britexit this was one of the main reason that I got involved in investing in crypto currencies. The people of the world better brace themselves and crypto currency if we have any sense. Great post.

I don't think world government really understands we can do yet. As a disrupting technology they have nit seen anything yet. Safe travels!

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Love it

2018 will be an interesting year, great post!

Thanks @pilgrimtraveler it will indeed.

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2018 @johngentry will bring Steem SMT ! I'm super looking forward to it because it will extend the power of Steem to all creators, entrepreneurs, etc. Great post btw. upvoted

I looking forward to it as well.

New Tegnologi


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Crypto IS future !

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