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RE: South Africa To Get Its First Cryptocurrency ATM

So right in comment "Education is needed".

ATM is another discussion that happened back in 2014, then everything went quiet!

Still not sure if what was brought into Kyalami was in fact a vending machine or an ATM or

Great to read that there is some movement happening over here again, the bigger cities will be more responsive to change. is the only place I have heard of that you are able to use to accept bitcoin from website sales, it will be interesting to know if they are going to take this into various cryptocurrencies.


While doing the research for this post I also came across mentions of someone trying to bring a crypto vending machine to South Africa but I think that was a little bit before its time. While i'm not sure how well this ATM will do I am postive there are more South African's into crypto now compared to 2014.

As for payfast it doesnt look like they are really too concerned about crypto payments too much but if theres money to be made in supporting alt coins you can best believe companies will get on board eventually

Thank you for the support

I'm working on it. Part of my project is to bring in systems that best benefit the masses so that we don't end up with Whales controlling the system and able to charge silly fees. The reason for Crypto to begin with is to equalise society so we need to maintain that as our priority. There are tech guys out there working on things we'll be bringing out in the next few months to make the change over smooth. ;-)

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