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Modern technology every day conquer more and more areas of our lives. And it becomes obvious to any educated person that in the future it will be impossible to imagine the work of some life areas without technology. A striking example is the use of blockchain technology in logistics. We dare to assume that in 3-4 years it will be impossible to imagine without the use of decentralized apps.

The Smart Containers project is becoming a pioneer in this field, with special attention to the quality of medicines and food transportation. These two categories need quality storage and transportation, as they directly affect the health and life of the consumer. The project represents a swiss company engaged in the production of high-tech containers, which are already popular with medicines and food manufacturers.


And What About The Blockchain?

First of all, it should be noted that the blockchain technology won't affect the products quality, it will still remain at the highest level. At the same time, the use of a decentralized platform will have a profound impact on the industry as a whole, avoiding paperwork and other problems associated with the goods transportation that require additional control and inspections. The peculiarity of the products that the company offers to produce is that each individual container is an independent system element, working offline. Such a container constantly transfers all information about its state to the blockchain.

The modern system is built in such a way that for the transportation of one container from Europe to China, the organization needs to issue about 200 different documents: the bill of lading, the passport of the substance that is transported, the account, storage conditions and others. Thus, filling in the papers may take as long as the transportation itself. Such a system is extremely inefficient and has the constant difficulty of not being able to store some goods for such a long period.

Each of these documents is issued by a person, so that the company needs to contain a huge staff of employees, whose only task is “paper” support of the cargo.


The solution to this problem will be a decentralized platform Smart Containers, in which smart contracts perform the role of documents. Thanks to the use of Ethereum blockchain and tokens , it will be possible to create contracts of any format, which will replace all documentation with digital, mathematically proven algorithms. This will reduce the cost of maintaining a huge staff and make the logistics industry more accessible.

In fact, the Smart Containers is not the creation of a new business project. The proposed platform is an upgrade of an existing, well-functioning business. This upgrade is designed to replace the outdated rules and regulations in the freight industry as a whole. The use of blockchain technology will significantly reduce the documentation and staff cost, completely eliminate the need to contact an intermediary, allowing the client to directly enter into a contract with the contractor. Such projects should be particularly interesting to investors, because in such conditions the probability of fraud is zero.

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"The problem the project solves is very important! If we consider that almost 40% of vaccines reach their destination spoiled due to frequent breakdowns of cooling systems. This leads to excessive waste of medicines and reduces the effectiveness of vaccination campaigns. This brings huge losses.


@vesna1, yes, exactly! thanks for reading!

The future will depend on the whole technology. Everything will be transparent due to technology. There will be a huge contribution of Blockchain Technology. The future will depend on the whole technology. I fully agree with your points.


Hey, @itraaj . I am not 100% sure that blockchain will be everywhere, but obviously in many industries, where it will be most useful. Thank you for your opinion!

great analysis about crypto..


Hello, @yasminkotha , thanks you for feedback!

@jinny1985 is this smart container work like tetra packs ?


hey, @jannatehimachal ! can be said so. in these containers, the products retain freshness.

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I trust this project. in General, I trust the Swiss quality. first, it is already a promoted, successful business that the company started a few years ago. Today, Smart Containers claims to be one of the largest players in its specific niche. I think investors who buy tokens don't take much risk. hardly such a big company will just disappear.


Agree on all counts! it looks at least promising!