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It's no secret that the sale of information can make good money. Personal data has long been the currency in exchange for which we receive certain products and services from companies.These companies sell this info, receiving good money. And most of us don't even understand what amounts of information they have and how much money they could earn. This would be fair situation when the data owner could manage his personal information and decide who to sell it to and for how much, starting with information about the work place, favorite cafe and ending with data from the medical card.

The Opiria project aims to change the current situation and creates blockchain trading platform for buying and selling user data. Companies contact consumers directly to buy from them reliable information at a better price to improve the quality of services and increase sales.


What Needs To Be Changed?

Currently, the user data market has three main problems:

  • High information cost. Companies turn to intermediaries, which are search engines and other online platforms. These services collect statistics about users and resell to companies at a fairly high price.

  • Low quality and unreliability. Companies don't have direct access to users, and the data collected by online sites may be unreliable and may not display a complete picture of consumer preferences.

  • Consumer data is of high value to companies, but data owners don't get anything for it. The volume of consumer data trading exceeds $ 250 million per year, and all the money goes to the internet sites owners, not users. Currently, according to experts estimates, about 5,000 companies sell information without without our knowledge.

Opiria Use Cases.

Opiria users have full control over their data privacy and are free to decide to whom and to which data they will provide access. Users can provide data on request from companies and receive compensation in the form of PDATA tokens.

In the work app, users can fill out questionnaires. After that, companies will send proposals to take a survey or keep a diary to collect data to have the most complete picture of user behavior. There is also a hierarchy: the more tokens held by users, the higher their status and, accordingly, more offers they will be able to receive from companies. This motivates users to hold PDATA tokens and will boost their demand in the future.

The data that companies receive through intermediaries is in most cases inaccurate. As a result, about 70-80% of all innovations fail, and annual investments in failed projects are more than 12 billion dollars. Turning to data owners directly, companies will receive more accurate information, which will significantly increase the chances of new products to succeed and avoid large losses.


The Opiria platform uses its own PDATA tokens created on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain. With PDATA tokens, companies will reward users for participating in surveys, as well as buying personal information directly from consumers. More details about IСO can be found on the Official Website

The Opiria project has great prospects and presents an interesting idea that will benefit companies and users. The company has a finished product and large fortune 500 partners. Opiria uses the blockchain to build trust between companies and consumers, without the need for intermediaries, and to comply with all the requirements of the GDPR policy.

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The platform will give everyone the opportunity to sell their personal data to interested companies and thus create a passive income. Passive income-it's brilliant, although I do not think that my data someone will buy expensive)


well, it's better than giving away the data for free.

PDATA is a promising project with a great potential... I was writing about them few months ago :)


hello @kriptonoob! yes, it looks promising. I hope everything will work for 100%. ;-) I read your reviews , very creative, well done! soon will read more.

Wow. That's sounds great and promising.


hey, @gadol. Thanks for visiting my blog, you are welcome!


Thanks friend.

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thanks again and again ;-)

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Today, there are many companies that collect and sell data.
Among the decentralized analogues I know Datum and Repux. It will be interesting to see who will survive.


the strongest will survive!

A very popular area for ISO projects in recent years. It will be interesting to see who will become the leader.


We will found out in 2019, not before. Now the market is not in the best condition.

"already existing product and working business, experienced team and experts - is the key to success!


When there is a product, it is not so scary to invest your money in IСO. Less chance of a scam, in my opinion.