CryptoCarz. Racing Blockchain Game With Virtual Reality .

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Racing games are quite a large layer of the entire gaming industry, attracting a large number of users who do not mind to compete with friends for the title. However, until now in this industry, there are several significant flaws – the fragmentation of projects and the lack of real value of game items. Yes, you can choose a game with beautiful graphics or the ability to connect virtual reality, but there is no single product that combines all this.

CryptoCarz is a new racing blockchain game with its own cryptocurrency infrastructure and virtual reality, which is created to improve the quality of the game, providing players with a whole range of opportunities.

CryptoCarz Combines All What the Players Are Missing.


CryptoCarz is a project created by a team of developers and players who have worked together on a product that won't only be technically implemented, but will also be interesting to players.

The main components of the game that make it unique include:

  • Virtual reality. Players will be able to immerse themselves in the gameplay through the use of virtual reality. This technology allows to achieve high realism of the visual image due to the transfer of game objects in 3D.

  • Quality graphics. Already now screenshots on the official project website we can see models with high-quality drawing, textures and high detail, which will complement the effect of virtual reality and make the game even more realistic.

  • Tokenization of cars. Cars in the game CryptoCarz aren't just virtual objects, but full-fledged tokens that have their own value and a unique set of functions. Release of each machine is limited. This ensures that only some participants will be able to own a particular model.

Thus, CryptoCarz combines the existing functionality of racing games in one product, and also brings new features through the use of blockchain technology.


Advantages Of CryptoCarz.

  1. Commercial interest. Cars in the game can be bought only for cryptocurrency. At the same time their price increases from owner to owner. If you purchased the model for 0.1 ETH, the next buyer to get this car will have to pay you already 0.2 ETH. This scheme allows players to earn on the possession of gaming vehicles.
  1. Honesty and transparency. Car ownership is regulated by smart contracts, which allows to exclude intermediaries and make the transaction more honest and open.
  1. Reliable blockchain storage. All data about your cars, sales and purchases are securely recorded in a decentralized registry, so you can be sure that no one will take possession of your property.

In addition, the game will surely appeal to crypto-enthusiasts, because, according to the developers, car designs will be tied to crypto-currencies.

Cryptocarz Platform Tokens.

As the main cryptocurrency, the platform will use NFT tokens that meet the ERC721 standard and will provide the collection quality of cars, namely:

  • Belonging to a specific owner.
  • Unique characteristic.
  • Limited quantity.

NFT tokens can be purchased for 15 popular cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ether, Ripple, and others.

The symbiosis of virtual reality, tokenized game items and good graphics is what makes CryptoCarz a truly unique racing game, which has no analogues in the gaming industry. Because of this, the game can get a lot of fans.
You can follow the development of the project and its implementation on the official website Already soon the developers promise to start selling cars.

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Amazingly, the more the game can turn a profit.


hey, @filemunir. I think it will be an exciting game.I'm not a big fan of racing, but a fan of virtual reality.

I want more games in the blockchain. Games and porn drive adoption so lets get more games on the platform.


haha, i'm not interested in porn at all, but virtual and augmented reality are the technologies of the future. + blockchain.

I heard the name of the game cryptocarz first time but by reading your post it seems like the cryptocarz will be an interesting game and it will change the face of the gaming industry.

Our good wishes always with a team of developers of cryptocarz...


@hikesshlahane ,hello, I think men should like this game.

Very interesting concept, I am a fan of crypto-gaming and will watch for this one


hello @aristo80, i'm happy you've found some useful information on my blog. Thanks for feedback!

Wow!!....i liked it very much .i understand about the technology used in the making of cryptocarz.thanks


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