Beaxy is a universal and multifunctional crypto-exchange of the "All-in-one" format.

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Surely, if you ask users how many crypto-currency exchangers and exchanges they know, then in response we will hear a list of the same large services such as Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex, Complain about the lack of sites isn't necessary, because almost every day new and new platforms for exchange and trade are formed. Why are they left out of the cryptocurrency market? All because in its functionality they are simply trying to copy the larger competitors, without solving the actual problems of the industry.

The developers of the platform Beaxy decided to go a radically different way, setting themselves the task of creating not just another exchange, but a truly useful and effective product that will solve the current problems of the cryptocurrency exchange and trade market.

Problems that The Platform Beaxy Decides.


The main problems addressed by the platform Beaxy include:

  • The complexity in the development of the interface exchanges.
    Many exchanges developers primarily focus their attention on the quality of technical execution of the resource, forgetting about its appearance. Beaxy will have not only high-quality code, but also a nice interface design.
  • Lack of tools and training materials.
    Modern exchanges rarely provide their users with useful materials for learning trading, as well as tools for technical analysis. In Beaxy there will be a special block where you can learn the basics of cryptocurrency trading, as well as the use of various indicators and trading signals.
  • High costs and transactions time.
    Probably the biggest problem of any trading crypto platforms are high commissions and slow transactions. Beaxy developers promise to implement a system that will eliminate any delays in transactions and, in addition, reduce trading fees.
  • Lack of worthy technical support.
    Surely, you are familiar with the situation when the answer from the technical exchange support had to wait for weeks or even more than a month. A similar pattern is observed on almost any platform. Beaxy the creators promise that their tech support to answer the users within 24 hours. It is also assumed that the staff will be specialists serving customers from different regions in several languages.
  • Low funds security.
    Most likely, there is no exchange, in which there would be no hacking, theft, etc Beaxy will be used by the proprietary security system, which will securely save the money of users.

Thus, the platforms developers gathered all the best from the existing exchanges in Beaxy, adding their own developments. This makes the project truly unique and valuable to users.

BXY tokens and ICO details

For the platform Beaxy will be issued BXY tokens. They will work as a means of payment and it will be possible to pay internal commissions at a discount, as well as receive dividends for hodling, which will be calculated depending on the amount, the retention period and operations number on the platform.
Project Tokensale will begin June 15 and will last one month or until the sale of all tokens. The total issue will be 100 000 000 coins, 60 000 000 of which will be sold on ICO.

For More Info Check The Links

Official website
Bitcointalk Username: braves182



The first impression-looks good.

at least promising!

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I'm having a difficult time breaking from the old Coinbase. I do not invest very much, but even so... it's important for me to feel comfortable. I'll do research on this new exchange and maybe get my toes wet.

Hey, @quiplet! great, you found time to read my blog! i hope Beaxy will be good one!

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"Promises are good, we'll see what happens in fact."