My Chaincoin story

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First off full disclaimer I am still hodling partly because I just can't take the full Lose mentally. Also I am not a chaincoin only blogger I know I have a few blogs on it though.

I started in Cryptocurrency around the end the June, and for the most part was a complete noob that listened to way to much without doing my own research. My first cypto purchase wasn't bitcoin ,but ETH around 260 from coinbase and I was thinking it was the deal of the century. I watched my balance go down and finally made some trades when ETH hit 200 honestly some horrible trades during the red days and what seemed like weeks.


I started watching Youtube video's and heard about this chaincoin Hodl movement and bought in with 15 coins this was on July 14th way late as I started buying on the downtrend. I wasn't completely holding as I wanted 1000 chc coins. I just had to have 1000 coins experiencing fomo before I even knew what fomo was. I traded all my altcoins in to buy more chc, and made some more deposits to buy more chc. The sad news is I only have 196 coins at current prices around 100 dollars worth.

The value of the experience can't be overlooked for me as I feel like I learned so much. The devs being hibernating for years waking up is interesting. The technology so similar to dash and masternodes ,but I know chc was very over priced for what it had going for it. Live and learn before your bridges burn thankyou Joe Public

I am not advocating for CHC ,but I am not against them earning a bigger share of the market. To many people listened to others to many people invested more than they were willing to lose. To many people got hurt, To many people got burned. To many people and I was one of those people that made many mistakes.

For me I think it is better that I made these mistakes today when I am talking about 4-500 dollars and not thousands on thousands.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Yes was a newbie too, made some bad trades and lost money. I learned many things too. I watched youtube videos and did not do research myself. After the Chaincoin pump, I invested in Syndicate Coin thinking it will pump as well but it lost the hype and I lost a money on that. They say experience is the best teacher good or bad, each investment is a risk you should be prepared to lose and do not put money you do not afford to lose.

thx for your comment. I realize now to never put in more then your prepared to lose I just got caught up in it all. No longer looking for every homerun sometimes you have to hit singles and just keep the runners moving.

Yes absolutely right, I got scammed, made bad trades but got the experience from it, but still learned from all of that. Just keep moving forward :)