Does chaincoin the community effort make sense with math

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By now I don't see how you haven't heard about chaincoin, and from a far it could look like a pump and dump. Youtube channels such as Highoncoins, Cypto Trading pro, and Random Tandems have been talking about buying chaincoin and HoDLing it.

One of the things that really makes this interesting is the Masternodes for 1k coins which give 2 coins a day In may the Chaincoin twitter account posted that there was less then 600 masternodes in total. So if the coin was 2 dollars a piece for 2000 usd you could have a masternode that would pay 4 dollars a day 120 dollars a month or 1460 a year. The current 3.23 price would return 2325 on the year. If the price hit the 100 coin goal of Highoncoins that would be 200 a day or 73k a year.

Idk ,but with the possibility of chaincoin it is worth owning 1000 coins in. Also on Thursday the Bitfinex exchange will start have chaincoin also.

What is your thoughts on chaincoin could be a great coin to Hodl

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The HODL experiment is very interesting, in terms of answering "can this work?"

Historically this attempt at organized holding has never worked because rational actors will always try to profit from the altruistic actions of the holders.

However in the case of CHC we see a highly disciplined and well funded group actually holding and maintaining a pumped price for over a week now. Amazing to watch and I think historical.

I am invested in ChainCoin. If you can run a masternode I think it is well worth it, and this coin is certainly fun to follow.

I am far from owning a masternode ,but I own some chaincoin. Some of it was wanting to be a part of something special or just to experience it bust or glory. It is interesting indeed. Thankyou for your feedback.

I think the simple fact that its going to be traded on Bittrex in the next few days will set a new nice baseline price to build on. With the limited supply and Bittrex massively increasing the market exposure it can only really continue to go up.

Great reply @catotune, Im only in it because of the Community Effort. Could have cashed out long ago, and Still can in the GREEN.
This is about making a positive change for the entire space..

Right on! Chain Coin by far the favorite due to its community and movement!

Power to the People! :))

You are a Steward of our HODL Community my man!! Thank you for going the Extra 1000 miles to help make this the best community on the Crypto Sphere!

UPVOTED, Supported, and Resteemed!!