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in cryptocurrency •  3 years ago  (edited)
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Thank you for posting this! I invested in this coin early. I had a little trouble getting my bitcoins into my account, but I messaged Michael. He replied relatively quickly and took it upon himself to take care of the issue for me. I will be posting a blog soon that he mentioned he would repost on the blog website for me. I advise you all to invest in this coin before it hits exchanges at .20 or .30 cents. Maybe more maybe less, but at the rate it's going up there's no telling. It is very similar to steemit, but I think this platform is way ahead of the curve right now. If there are any other ICO's that you know of, I'd be greatly interested in knowing. Have a wonderful evening.

Glad to know that u got in early ! Thanks alot for commenting :D Will check out your blog once u posted it !

@jeremy77 upvoted and resteemed your post.
I would greatly appreciated if you visit my blog @riz-cryptonian and view some of my blogs.


Followed/upvoted/super appreciative of......this is an awesome post. I also invested in the superior coin a month back. Great potential and a great team behind it. Really looking forward to what this coin brings to the crypto world! Thank you!!!

Wow is good to get in early ! Have a nice day !

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Thanks Michael Appreciate it !

Hi Michael aka @crowdifywepayyou - great to see you here as well.

Can't wait till the superior coin hits the market!

I still think the best buys are the fact that ICO's are reducing the price of Ethereum....I'll buy that ! I understand that this is the Ethereum platform servicing their clients and such price depressions are necessary.

Thanks for supporting Superior Coin ! Hope u will get big returns on your investments :D

Thanks @jeremy77! I personally have 5000 superior coins and I am excited to see what the future holds for this crypto.

Glad to see u onboard ! Superior Coin to the moon !

This article explains very well what the Superior coin is. I Resteemed and Followed!

thanks !

Hey Jeremy, welcome to the club, this is a great coin, and you have given a great overview of it here. Thank you

Thanks ! Saw your interview with Michael too 😁👍🏻 Have a nice day

You have a link to the interview video?

Great post Jeremy! I'm still finding my way around Steemit and Crowdify! Slowly getting the hang of it though! :)

i got banned from crowdifyclub they took my coins too fml

Interesting ..thanks :)

hi, i can't log in anymore to . I bought 6K of coins on pre sale and now can't do anything ?

Thanks enjoyed your insights into Crowidfy Club and Superior Coins @jeremy77


So superiorcoin was a complete scam that never took off, a bunch of drama, the team acting like a bunch school kids, with he said, she said drama. No one got refunds... the superior coin is worse than the shittiest shit coin on cryptopia. Now you bozos are pushing another shit coin called SURE coin haha... fucking thieves!

Very nice! Thank you for sharing your great thoughts about Superior Coin. :)

Welcome ! Hope u can buy a few coins and hold while it's cheap :D

Thank you for this post. very helpful !!

Thanks for the support @jeremy77.

haha welcome !

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Hi Jeremy
I deposited Bitcoin into Crowdify account AND into the link sent from SUPERIOR coin.. 15 hours later iv'e received NOTHING into my Crowdify account.
Does anyone know who or HOW i can contact Crowdify Administration and does anyone know how i can sort out my SUPERIOR coin purchase also?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Go to their website and scroll down a bit. You will see a "Message" logo appearing in the bottom right of your screen. Click it and explain them the issue. They are fast at responding.

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That just looks exactly the same as the superman logo lol Would it violate some copyright?

HAHA sure it does ! but i doubt it will get copyright