Crypto Crowdfunding Source As A Base Solution?

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It's a great Idea especially for those who are looking to break in to the world of cryptocurrencies, but you don't have MUCH understanding on how the crypto market works.

Guess what?..

It's Not A Problem

What makes it further a problem is NOT taking the initiative to find out more about it, and then the mistake many tend to go with is the aspect that it's a COMPLETE FARCE, however you haven't ever made any motion to try it out and worse yet they shoot down a very possible opportunity that can help to growth them a profitable future.

There are ups and downs to a Crypto Crowdfunding Source, ACTUALLY there more ups then downs, check them out in the bulletin list below.

  • You can send Bitcoin payments anywhere to anyone you wish, this is done by sending payments from a crypto wallet (and this includes international payments as well -- however fees might vary when doing so).

  • Bank controlling cryptocurrencies IS TOTALLY OUT OF THE QUESTION! The same goes for Governmental institutions that are LITERALLY SH-TTING THEMSELVES where they stand due to the fact that they have no way to control cryptos! Even big shots like Warren Buffet can't help but to nervously loosen his collar as he shudders to think that cryptocurrencies may in fact replace fiat cash, and the ever so opposing credit card!

  • The fact that YOU are in control when you hold cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the average individual is not use to the fact that they ACTUALLY have an option to now Govern their own assets (meaning there is NO INSTITUTIONAL OVERHEAD controlling your financial portfolio -- this ESPECIALLY refers to the banks who love to charge you interest when you invest into one of their SUPPOSEDLY beneficial financial programs, and who have greater control over your financial portfolio.) That has to be the biggest advantage, and in a collective group will prove to be more effective as it proves win / win financial not only for YOU, but also others who work together as a team of investors.

  • The margin for error in a collective group can be pointed out MORE effectively (and reduced) when determining factors such as the "moving average", this will give the team better strategy options for maximum profited results.

  • Transaction information is presented for everyone to view on the Blockchain Ledger. Your personal information will be "hidden", therefore only accessible by YOU the user. This essentially does two things, which is keeping your valuable assets at bay from cryptocurrency thieves' prying eyes, while at the same time helping you to build credibility and trust with potential future investors who are considering joining your team. Your public address (such as a crypto payment address), is visible to others who send you payment.

  • One of the greatest aspects are the lower fee payments when sending Bitcoin transactions (via through crowdfunding source), a VERY beneficial option that helps you to conserve revenue and lessen expenses.

  • A HUGE option to take advantage of would be the free exposure your brand an receive on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and a crowd of other site option to crowd-sourcing can become a free and wonderful marketing tool for your eCommerce business. The crowd-sourcing project can be used to create awareness about your eCommerce site as well as your products and brand name

  • Lazy uninterested team members who look to ride on the coattails of their fellow members, they provide very little value, and only are a part of the operation to collect an easy paycheck.

  • There's always the issue of miscommunication with other members who are in your crowdfunding circle. The reason for this is the level of expansion within the group itself, and as you acquire more and more members, it will be VERY IMPERATIVE that you find a way to reach out to any new talented members about adaption or changes that need to be made if needed. Doing so will help to keep everything running like a well-oiled engine, and honestly that's what it takes for any business to succeed. If you do have members on board who remain non-compliant, then it's highly recommended that you remove them from the circle of the group to keep the business endeavor on the right track.

  • Giving very little or no information about your site, or not giving any board details as to what you or your group are setting out to achieve will do nothing more but throw caution in the wind in the eyes of the visitors. Ownership of the site is usually the primary thing a visitor / investor should see (founders of the site, CEO, etc.) Meeting the requirements to inform individuals about your brand is IMPERATIVE, because you're looking to instill in their thinking that your brand is established and ready to do business, and NOT the other way around where it seems like an abandoned graveyard destined to spend it days on the net in solitude.

  • Going to any site and you can't find a web page discussing the site's terms of conditions would pose a problem for MOST visitors (in MOST cases they would leave the site do to uncertainty). The number one thing every website should provide is a web page stating its "Terms of Conditions". You see it is VERY IMPORTANT that potential members fully understand agree to before they can participate and engage within certain parameters on the site. In most cases, these terms of service include a statement about the soliciting business owning the proposed ideas, products and other collateral

  • Watch out for Crowdsource members who demand more payment for the work they provide towards the business, setting demands is a bad indicator for disaster towards a growing business. Talented members should know through their hard work eventually brings them greater rewards (and not the other way around.) Again, members who push for more demands should be removed from the group to deter interference for the betterment and positive expansion of the business.

  • One thing to remain conscious and vigilant about is the credibility of running an operation such as a crowd funding with cryptocurrencies, remember many people still DO NOT believe in the reality of this particular currency, many still DO NOT realize the potential growth as well as other booming possibilities that are just waiting to be discovered and applied to an individual's portfolio or a business which can elevate their financial worth to the next level. This includes any members who join into the ranks or your business endeavor, if they start to doubt or become "dead beat" non-contributors, then you should removed them from the business immediately (negative influences can tear down any business endeavor!)

  • Keep in mind that ex-members may try to "throw dirt" on your operation, they may claim they were treated unfairly, and weren't given any chances to prove they were right for the job they signed on aboard to do. It can just simply be a case of a "non-productive worker," who wants their JUST DO before putting in REAL effort to prove they're valuable to the team. Also be aware of blatant sabotage where your online endeavor may face against other crowdsource competitors who are working in the same niche as your brand. Greed and desperation may tie with other crowdsource entities who'll target another business and set out to smear the other business name and reputation (by word of mouth) is a possibly, not mention any publishing mistakes of information (such as giving out false chart projections) can also hurt your reputation, and non-current information SHOULD BE recognized before releasing it to any of your site's visitors and mainstream public online.

    A Crowdsource Campaign can be a great alternative to building a optimal crypto portfolio and a business brand, this is possible as long as you have great resources and a reliable team to make it all happen. The "group concept" can be applied to a variety of innovate angles and ideas that can elevate a brand easily, but it does depend on the hard work and efforts of the entire team (that goes for the team leader / CEO, co-founders, and added members who are brought aboard).

    "Might As Well Face It We're Addicted To Cryptos!"

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