Protect your assets!!! How to create a paper wallet in order to take all your coins offline and protect them.

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This is not my video, but I'm learning this stuff and as I learn, I share.

Protect yourself and take all your currencies offline.

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I run non profit called (501ce) that does musical demonstrations in schools to inspire kids to pick up instruments instead of video game controllers. We give away guitars, bass guitars, drums and lessons for kids in lower income housing areas and third world countries. It’s a blast!!! If you’d like to help, you can donate below.

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Useful info. Thank you. I am pretty new to all this... my brothers and my dad are teaching me... which i wrote about last night 😁

A great cause! i'll upvote and follow you as im an audio engineer and enjoy teaching ppl music and audio! well done!

Are you the creator of the song Gratitude ?