I've got over $5,000 in altcoins. I may lose everything.

in cryptocurrency •  last year

I've got a good chunk of change in alt coins. Almost no BTC. I guess if it's a scam like a lot of people say it is, I'll lose my money. But if I hodl it and wait it out, I could be sitting pretty in a couple years. I guess we'll see. I don't really know what to expect.

Anyone else out there gonna hold tight and wait it out? In it for the long haul?

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I love the alt-coins here! This is just the beginning as 90% of the world has no clue about cryptos yet. Hodl long n' strong! Here is my Top 10 list for this week:


Thanks for sharing, I'm gonna check it out. I'm holding!!

I'm in it for the long haul with steem..

I've got a good chunk of change in alt coins. Almost no BTC. I guess if it's a scam like a lot of people say it is, I'll lose my money

You don't really mention the coin you invested in, or, which coin is a possible scam.


Yea, I'm doing the same. I just posted which ones on a new blog on my page if you wanna check it out.

from your donate adresses i see you got ripple. I would not touch that shit coin even with a 20ft pole. Criminal banksters tool. With all other altcoins you gonna be ok.


Yea, I just learned that. I didn't update my signature. Thanks for reassuring. XRP and the ripple the banks are using are different anyway.


Banks are always going to be around. If this goes through the roof, are you saying you wouldn't want to make anything off of it? Is it just an ethical thing for you?

I did some looking and found this article.



banks will always be there ????
I would not bet for this even with my 1% of my BTC holding.


We'll see. We have the courage to manage our money, but there are a lot of people that are scared of crypto because they want to put the liability on someone else. My prediction is there will be third parties for those old fashioned consumers.