Top 10 Cryptos of the Future (July 29, 2017) - A weekly ranking of the best place to put your money in the CryptospheresteemCreated with Sketch.


#1. SWARM CITY was recently hit as part of the Ethereum hack which is the main reason their price has dropped significantly. However, this short-term setback represents a real long-term opportunity! Connecting buyers and sellers in the most efficient means necessary and enabling commerce between them is an excellent example of the amazing potential of blockchain technology to transform our world. Swarm City is building that online ecosystem to enable this economic leap forward where buyers and sellers can freely transact without centralized interference. Last week it was on sale, this week it's a fire sale! The dev team said they are resolved to carry out the vision of the company despite losing 90%+ of their funds. I believe they will be stronger and wiser for having gone through this ordeal.


#2. PATIENTORY is yet another unique application of blockchain to a field that desperately needs an overhaul. Free and easy way to store and manage your health information and get the best answer to any healthcare question. Complete, accurate, secure, and readily available medical records is a big challenge. If PTOY can streamline the healthcare process, that will be worth far more than it's current market cap of $8 million! The advisory board includes CEO/Founder of STORJ and investor who deals in the hundreds of millions. This coin will have NO problem reaching $1billion marketcap in the long term. That's a hundred bagger at least! Downside is they won't have working app until about October at the earliest but this one should trend higher leading into that time frame and now is a good time to accumulate.


#3. STEEM should not be hard to promote on this site. The people who are here can see that the future of social media needs a dose of social justice and accountability that only blockchain technology can provide. No one likes a bully, whether that bully is on a playground in school, or the CEO of one of the largest companies (monopoly) in the world. Society doesn't always act fairly for everyone all the time, but with distributed power, comes a sense of fairness and justice that allow us to advance together. This community and movement will only continue to grow. So might as well hop on the train - full STEEM ahead! Crossing over 250,000 users this platform should really start to grow exponentially.


#4. NEO The founders have made it very clear that their intention is to not only compete with Ethereum, but to be technologically superior in multiple, obvious ways. In addition to that, NEO is based in China and has a huge advantage there, which happens to be at this point in time, the heart of the cryptosphere. Finally, NEO's value is a small fraction of that of Ethereum which leaves plenty of room for appreciation. There has been a lot of consolidation recently and it should be ready for another major move upwards to $1bil marketcap or higher!


#5. LOMOCOIN remains on the list this week mainly because I had been dreaming about an app that matches their whitepaper and I was elated to finally find a crypto that is actually pursuing it! LoMo is basically a location based app that uses GPS coordinates to link customers with businesses and incentivize their patronage via geographic prizes. Sort of like a treasure hunt using your smart phone to find the treasure. Remember Pokemon Go game? And the craze that it started with people roaming around trying to catch worthless Pokemon? Now imagine the same infrastructure with REAL prizes to be gained such as cryptocurrency or free dinner at a local restaurant. Did I mention LoMo already has 300,000 users in China and plans to roll out v2.0 of their app in the next couple weeks? They are also starting an exchange (new ICO) called XSTAR that will allow transaction in many popular cryptocurrencies. This is almost guaranteed to be worth BILLIONS in the future and you can buy now at $8mil marketcap! From the leadership, next week "should be a key time frame". (whatever that means)


#6. ELASTIC is new to the list this week. If you are familiar with GOLEM, they are in the same space of super-computing, but currently priced at about 1/10th valuation. There is an article that compares XEL with GOLEM and some other similar coins for more info on the differences. Basically, imagine connecting all the spare computing power in the world through the blockchain and using it for a common (hopefully good) purpose! There is a ton of potential in this space and room enough for multiple players.


#7. LIBRARY CREDITS is positioning themselves to be the "Netflix of Cryptos". Their vision is to use the blockchain to remove the middlemen from artistic content distribution. Imagine unlimited music, movies, and other multimedia available at the click of a mouse without any centralized controlling corporation (monopoly) to censor, tax, extract fees, or force their advertisements down your throat. LBRY will connect artists directly with their customers offering unlimited flexibility in distribution which should benefit both creators of original content and their audience. This company has a long ways to go to get mainstream adoption, but if they are successful, it could add a couple zeroes to the end of their valuation. Every time this coin dips, just buy it and wait to cash the check!


#8. AdEx is a blockchain-based ad exchange aiming at disrupting the existing online advertising landscape and address its significant problems: advertising fraud, privacy and consent to receiving sponsored messages, etc. They are competing with ADT and other newer coins for a piece of a pretty large and growing pie. With a market cap of only $5million, it definitely has room to go up. It's hard to know which coin will win but for now there is room for all of them to prosper.


#9. GEOCOIN is a hidden gem of a crypto! The downside is the development team seems a bit small and quiet at the moment. However, this idea is pure gold! Combining crypto currency with geospatial data is going to be a game-changer for multiple industries. I will not elaborate further at this time, since I plan to accumulate more while this "on the grid" coin is still off the grid of most investors! Hard to imagine a way that this doesn't increase 100x from this level. Interesting coincidence there is a movie called "GeoStorm" coming out in October... Might be a good time to own GEO!


#10. CIVIC has the goal of giving businesses and individuals the tools to control and protect identities. It's a noble and necessary cause. Through their decentralized architecture with the blockchain and biometrics on the mobile device, their platform provides multi-factor authentication without a username, password, third party authenticator, or physical hardware token. So basically, all your identity for all your accounts in one app in the palm of your hand. Sounds convenient to me! The thing that got CIVIC on the list this week is how ambitious they appear to be. There is a lot of good vibes coming from this team and the future is bright if they can continue to network and form partnerships with key businesses etc.


#BONUS. LUNYR is really a GREAT idea! They call it "the future of knowledge sharing". Basically, anyone, anywhere can post their research/knowledge/how-to tutorials and get credit for it. They use an incentivized contribution and peer-review system
that ensures accurate and reliable information that eventually can be published in the form of research. Anyone who has been published for academic research KNOWS how difficult it is and how political(corrupt) the system is. A lot of research today is bogus and used as a means of securing research funding rather than pursuing scientific truth. The blockchain can help bring efficiency and accuracy to this field through decentralized peer reviews and open competitive research. A much needed update to a defunct system! At $5million, you can't go wrong here~



This post represents my view and opinion of the cryptosphere at this time. It is not to be considered investment advice. There is a good chance that I may own or will soon own any or all of these coins. I would love to hear any comments or tips which cryptos you think may be better than these!
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Nice job, mate.
From this list top10, i own only 3 . What i really appreciate is a short reviews of each, and some major key points of each advantages. This will get me to look closed to the rest alts mentioned. You can never own them all. And the loses are unavoidable. But the biggest unexcue to me is lack of sufficient diversification. Thanks again . My Upvote+resteem.


Thank you! And yes, you are 100% correct about diversification, especially this will save you in the long term.

I have been super busy and have fallen behind on my research. This is a huge help. Thanks so much. Re-steeming and up-voting.

I am a huge fan of DigiByte btw.



Thank you, for the information about Digibyte! I will research it more and consider it for my list next week.

Very interesting selectione. Well done.

Nice! I like quick reads like these :-)

Some of these are part of the Play Money segment in my portfolio. That segment focuses more on short term and usually contains some smaller cryptos. More on that here:

I am curious, those in the honourable section, were they in your top list before but now surpassed by the others?


Thanks for the info! I will check it out. As far as my Honorable Mention, I am finding it difficult to narrow my list down to Top 10, and I actually own closer to 20 cryptos in my portfolio. There are so many new applications for cryptos that to truly diversify into the full potential of this technology, I find it necessary to own more than 10. Thanks


I think it is the thing everybody is struggling with. Totally get it and have the same challenge myself :-)

Great post sir! I believe in Steem, NEO, and LBRY at the moment. Have been investing in them over tha past months.


Yes, all three of them should have a very bright future and by my estimation are trading at fractions of their near-term future values. thanks


Yes I must agree, it is a very bright future for this cryptos its just getting started.

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Many thanks for sharing this report. Have you figured out approx weight-age of these altcoins for long term hold? What is duration for long term hold in cryptocurrency as it is highly volatile. Looking forward to your guidance. Warm regards, Chandan


I feel good to hold at least 10 to 15 coins at any given time and preferably have your port evenly distributed among them. However, sometimes I will overweight on a couple if I believe/know there is pending news coming or they appear to be an extremely good value. Hard to predict the short term moves but if a coin goes up 50% or more in a day or 2 it's usually good to reposition. However, most of these I'd have no problem holding for the next 1 to 3 years at least. (or until I find something better)

I wonder what do you think about Golem and EOS. I'll check out your suggestions. Thanks for the post!


I actually like both of those coins and I was thinking to put EOS on this week however, it is already very high in marketcap and I was looking for it to get a little cheaper to have more long term value before jumping in. Same with Golem. Great coin but little expensive for my taste. thanks

Good choices. Cryptocurrency is just starting to become mainstream. Thanks for the interesting article!


ya, that's the BIG PICTURE we all have to constantly remind ourselves. It really doesn't matter what we buy in the CryptoSphere at this time as long as we are well-diversified, buy low and hold long term. I keep telling me friends, anyone who gets invested in cryptos now and just uses basic discipline is guaranteed millionaire within 5 years. Let's see if that works out! :)

Great list man! I have Steem, LBRY & ANS :) Good to know you think they are good picks. Looking at getting some civic and Swarm at these cheap prices.


Thanks, ya i wonder if we will look back in 3 months and realize how cheap some of these names were...

So many altcoins out there these days, hard to keep track of them all. Thanks for the review though!


Ya, just trying to give a comparison and some ideas. It's always good to keep an open mind and look for opportunities!


So true, all the big boys now were just little unheard of coins at one point

Great post! There's a few of these small cap coins I hadn't looked at yet. Now I have some to research tonight 😀

Awesome post. honestly i didn't check out 80% of those. Will check them out in more detail and let you know what i think


thank you, and please let me know if I missed some good ones that you like~

Great analysis. I have been meaning to start a similar style post for ages, but yours is so detailed I think I will follow you instead.

There are some interesting new coins on your list I had never heard of.


Please start your post! I definitely need another point of view to help shape my portfolio. I would be a regular reader if you posted a list. Thanks!

great review

I believe with steem, its my unicorn and the reason why I am here sharing my opinion and socialized with a complete strangers.


good point! I really see huge potential with STEEM going forward.

Nice post! I was wondering what LBRY credits were for but never took the time to look into them.

I don't know if this crypto is 'better' than those but IMO a crypto of the future ... ESP (espers) - BOTH PoW & PoS running side by side more info . I would ♥ to know your thoughts on ESP. Oh and sadly enough, I do not own any of those coins on your list.


I am actually really impressed with ESP and I had not heard of it before! Thanks for sharing it! I do wish it was available on some more of the major exchanges... Do you know if they have any plans to list on Bittrex for example? thanks


they have actually submitted everything required to get listed on Bittrex, next move has to be made by Bittrex.

You might want to get some questions ready and go to ....

q & a night on Wednesdays in
the official Esper Discord, dev channel



What do you think about Siacoin or Mooncoin


They are both interesting... Siacoin is a little rich for my blood and Mooncoin just has way too many outstanding coins but it will be interesting to watch and see how they do. Thanks!

Well formatted!