Onecoin : The non-scammer scam (part2)

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      Hello steemians!This is the 2nd part of our philosophical discussion about whether the onelife company is a scam or no,so if you didn’t see the 1st part feel free to check it out on this link

      In the last episode we’ve covered how the onecoin token is one of the most used in everyday transactions in comparison to other cryptocurrencies but I didn’t say why. So pay attention because things are going to get excited:

The Dealshaker platform :


      The onelife community is approximately 3.5 million active user which contain different types of people from normal consumers to merchant ,those same merchants are already participated in the onelife project thus they are aware of the future potential of this coin so as of last year they were given the opportunity to sold whatever products they have in a new platform and to be paid in their currency (euro for example) plus a segment in ONE token ,so if I have an online store where I sell T-shirts for 10€ I can put a deal on the dealshaker to sell this same T-shirt for 5€ + 1 ONE ( so the total price will be 25€ :1 ONE=20€) and guess what people are really spending their ONE token and you will get a free publicity and more traffic .Currently there are a couple of thousands of deals some of them are EURO,ONE combined and the vast majority is 100% ONE.


Check out this channel of a onelife leader who goes by the name of Julien Zerbini

He made a series of videos purchasing some great deals using the ONE token there was one time he went on a flight in Suriname by paying with onecoin,he went to restaurants and he bought wine using onecoin and there are others of course. So if this growing community is accepting the value that those tokens have when it will be launched publically it will have a major support and thus its value won’t drop .

I’ve recently bought some watches and I have paid 100% in onecoin except the shipping fees (I’ve paid them in euro that’s normal because the store owner is not necessarily the one who do the shipping).

So many warrants and still no arrest 😳 :

      This is an article written by cointelegraph in the last January talking about the operation of seizing onecoin’s servers in its headquarters in Bulgaria ,but we have already covered this issue in the previous article but the funny part is this :


      Wait !what ?all of this hype and no single arrest was made I thought when a real scam is confirmed the whole system will collapse and the major player will spend the remaining days of their life in prison as of this one

And this one

And this one

Wait!no bitcoin is not a scam is it? Well congratulations you get my point because this is a total new and unregulated space and no one can really distinguish easily between a valid and a malicious project and seizing the onelife servers without making any arrest is a clear sign that no material evidence of a scam was ever found and today everything is back to normal and we’re waiting for the official launch on October of this year .

Conclusion :

      This article was meant to illustrate some facts about the onecoin company and as you can see I’m not posting my referral link because I’m not seeking any new members on my network as a matter of fact I don’t have a single person on my network that’s because I don’t work on it I’m a believer on the project itself but the network marketing strategy is a way to spread the project to more people and all of this negative thinking and attacks on the company will fade when the company will made public and until then we will keep submitting to whatever they call the company 😎😎😎😎 .

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Thank you for writing. :)


It's my pleasure😊

I was not involved with One Coin. But I want to share your article because it is history and learning for me and others. Thank you. This is like the story of two brothers, who born in the same day and look alike. Bitcoin is not a scam, but there are many people trying to kill this coin. Call it defamation or envy. But it has been like that for years.


Exactly i mean who has better knowledge about the company the ones who are members or people from the outside;they can't be more genius than 3.4 million active members.

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