These 2 Cryptos Are Breaking The Bearish Trend

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During this downturn, a couple of cryptos have simply outperformed the pack. I discuss the overachievers, do you already know which ones I'm talking about?

Are they bargains that the market is deeming undervalued? Let's look under the hood.

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With BNB at it’s level I would be really careful about investing in it. When I look at the volume of crypto, it’s getting lower and lower. I’m certain, it will eventually change, but as of now and because of that most exchanges are not making as much as they made in the first and second quoter including Binance. However, when you mentioned P/E valuations (in stock market average is about 16-18, and look at FB, Tesla or Amazon, and you would be shocked) it’s still completely undervalued. I guess time will tell. I wonder what will they eventually do with all this profit? Will they invest back and purchase BNB? When it comes to Decret, I think it’s a good sign for overall crypto. There are many buying opportunities at these prices. I think it will eventually spread all over the crypto market and new bull market will begin.

Following you.

I saw your video where you called the bottom (At least I think I saw it). I have major feeling that you were on the mark with that - risky move for sure.

Bulls might literally start the party by doing a 'bottoms up'

Thanks for the content!

Connor I’m all about under value sale prices!

very good idea for sure. i am thinking the best for the market will come with time, patience and long term hodl

Thanks for the updated information to the steemit community,,
I hope that crypto bring new revolution in the money market which will give boost to our steemit community..

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Very good idea and its really inspiring me

very interesting analyse and I would like to know what you think about global crypto currency (GCC) coin?

Many coins are at the cheap prices available great time to get into them :)

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