Pinkcoin has created "a manifesto for a better world".

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To get an even better understanding of the necessity of the 4-year old project, this 2 minute video is worth checking out:

With everything one hears in the media these days you never know what to believe...we’re bombarded left and right with ads to buy this and buy that, to look this way, feel that way and to donate...donate...donate. Media ads propagate donations for starving children, funds to rebuild disaster stricken lands, donations to further cancer research and each request with a promise embedded within, that your money will make a difference. But does it really?

In 2015 allegations that James T. Reynold’s Cancer Fund of America’s 4 main charities were a sham rocked the worlds of proponents who advocated for donations. According to the New York Times the charities had been “falsifying financial documents...and overvaluing gift donations” as well as spending funds in wildly inappropriate ways such as on, “dating websites, meals at Hooters and on couple’s Caribbean cruises” among other things.

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For more than a decade the inconsistencies went unnoticed as millions of dollars disappeared... never making it to their intended recipients and unable to be tracked or recovered.

With this in mind, is it safe to trust donation propaganda? If only there were a way to track donation transactions on an open, unchangeable ledger...

Well, we're in luck. As it turns out, there IS an answer.

Introducing Pinkcoin, a subversive donation platform which proclaims to have created a “manifesto for a better world”.


Aptly renaming the common white paper, the “Pink Paper” the developers write that the peer run platform was built on the premise of, “unbound kindness, and undying compassion". Described in an article by Coin Telegraph as “a philanthropy coin”, Pink joins the ranks of other charity coins bringing with it it’s own campaign, Donate4life.

Receiving nearly 3,000,000 donations to date the revolutionary Donate4Life campaign turns a one time donation into a permanent investment with your profits being paid directly to a supported charity for “eternity”. As a bonus you can track your donations, at least for your lifetime, transaction by transaction.

Wait WHAT!?

Pink Coin is a “secure and trustless network (created) to disrupt the non-transparent charity model” by giving the community access to the blockchain through their block explorer allowing senders to track the recipients of their donations in real time.

As both a proof of work and a flash proof of stake coin, new coins are generated when coins are mined and/or staked, returning to the user a percentage of Pink Coin based on work contributed or the weight of a user’s staking wallet. 

What does this look like?

Pink is HUGE...with dozens of developments in the workings according to their roadmap.

Some highlights include support of their wallet on various platforms, side staking, partnerships and eventually...a global takeover.

Already available on a number of exchanges including Bittrex, Cryptotopia, and Poloniex, PINK is looking great from a number of perspectives. With a current circulating supply of 381,906,699 the coin is still being mined/staked with a current market cap of $7,128,594 USD.

Aside from the PINK communities drive to take over the crypto philanthropy space, PINK supporters have been doing some other really cool stuff. Last year when the Poloniex Trollbox disappeared, one PINK enthusiast took it upon himself to fill the void by creating a new Trollbox backed by PINK Coin.

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The platform is in its infancy but already gives users the ability to track coins across Bittrex and Poloniex through sidebars, with high performance charts “coming soon”. They've also instituted a voting system which, in theory, will weed out scammers using down votes while rewarding active members with up votes for contributions. To many down votes results in being banned (with a refund) while the more up votes you get the more staking rewards you receive from the pool. There is no fee to create an account however, to take part in the rewards system members must contribute $5 (refundable at any time) which is staked to allow the reward system to thrive while supporting future developments within the platform.  

Keeping followers and the public up to date, PINK Coin’s official blog “The Great Pink Buffalo” highlights an awesome number of fundraisers the PINK community has initiated such as, raising the equivalent of $30,000 towards hurricane relief, being matched another $30,0000 by the exchange Bittrex and a campaign to raise money for solar kits.

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[Old analysis removed on May 17, 2019]
@MyEmpireOfShit: There's nothing great going right now with the price, but the volume on the weekly chart is on the verge of looking pretty good. And I did some analysis on the weekly RSI...

Regardless of current value, both charts are certainly looking set for a rise in the long term. As a team, IDC is certainly bullish on this coin for a lot more reasons that just it's future price. We see exponential potential in PINK’s ability to change the world using their own blockchain technology to bring people together, heart to heart, hand to hand. Using their staking technology, every donation benefits everyone involved. In fact, this benefit goes beyond monetary gain...being a member of the PINK community you could even experience a boost in your sense of well being, carrying with you the knowledge that YOU are making a difference as a sender OR a receiver of Pinkcoin.

Are YOU interested in donating, staking or earning interest on your coins?? PINK Coin has made entering the market unbelievably easy with their brand new PinkPi Staking Box.

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Compact, plug and play and energy efficient this staking medium, with a simple yet concise UI is a "custom made investment machine...made with the masses in mind." 

Join IDC  as we ride with PINK while "simultaneously be(ing) a champion of charity”!

 °Br¡tT^N¥° (@TheJadeCrow on Twitter)   


I just saw your post, yes Pinkcoin is a great project and I participate. There is more to making a difference than just donating money.
If you want to support the world transitioning to clean solar energy, take a look at #SolarCoin, each 1 MWh of solar energy a user generates, is rewarded with 1 free SLR.
Another great project is #Gridcoin, if you do scientific research on your home computer you get rewarded with free Gridcoins, the more work you do the more you get. The research includes serching for disease cures for childhood cancers, AIDS, Ebola, TB and much more.

This came up another thread... seemed like useful information to have here too.

They only have a couple official partnerships so far... one with Cardiac Kids, and the "Education Pool" goes to "Zwischenraum Thurgau" They have mentioned in the recent past that a partnership was in the works, and I just noticed thanks to you that they added a couple new pools on their site. The new "Humanitarian" one says "We will be revealing our new partner soon! We are extremely excited about this partnership." and the new "Environmental Stewardship" one says "This pool's stakes will be dedicated to helping preserve the environment for our posterity. We are looking for partners, until then the staking rewards will be sent to separate wallets managed by the Pinkcoin team until a partner is found, at which point they will take over ownership of the wallets."

The other pools are as follows:
Relief - "Every coin minted on this address will be sent to help those in need."
Administrative - "This wallet will remain building until a voting system is put inplace so the community can choose which projects funding goes to. This pool's stakes will be dedicated to amp up marketing and technology developments of the Pinkcoin network."

and within the "Rain Forest"
Rain Cloud: "It is always raining PINK on those supporting the network by staking. Every coin minted by the Rain Cloud will be divided evenly across each address that has staked within the last 24 hours."
Elder Tree: "The elder tree supports the whole forest with seeds. Every stake from the Elder Tree goes to a random address supporting the network.
Acorns: "A forest must nourish even the smallest of acorns to survive. Every time coins are minted on this address, they are sent to the smallest wallets on the network."

Great project

I really like the idea of using blockchain technology to make the world a better place

It is really sad to know that the money people donate doesn't go towards people who really need it.

Fraudulent charities are unfortunate and hurt the reputation of those doing the right thing. We at Blockbasis believe blockchain technology has the opportunity to transform the world as we know it today. We love seeing ways that companies and organizations can become more transparent as well as the different sectors blockchain technology can be implemented, including philanthropy.

Interesting, thanks for the information.

Welcome pink coin.
Thank for great news my friend

Wow amazing news

Hi @idcinc. I find the subject very interesting, although I must confess that I did not understand it in its entirety. It is possible that it is due to ignorance.

Feel free to ask us for clarification on whatever it is specifically you aren't understanding. There are a couple good questions/comments we already replied to that might help a little bit, if you haven't noticed yet.

Not nearly enough people do, or they have no idea what it is if/when they notice it. But it's been on both Bittrex and Poloniex since I got into crypto about a year ago, and it's likely been the absolute fastest and cheapest way to transfer funds between the two exchanges the whole time. Unfortunately it seems a lot of guys immediately look away due to the word "pink" being feminine in their opinion, and there's also been a lot of confusion about it being "backed by Diamonds," which is NOT and never was the case. There's an article about the fake Pinkcoin scam here!. The founder of the real Pinkcoin replied to this reddit thread!(which references the article) with "the article you referenced it not us. that was a complete scam by some group who tried to use our name in an attempt at a money grab. We've been growing strong since out launch in May of 2014, they are no longer around."

Do you invest in this coin for personal
Profit or is it all for charity?

It's all yours unless you decide to use it for a tax-deductible charity donation at some point, including the ~20-25% APR from staking the coins. In the case of donating, instead of receiving the initial donation directly, "the initial donation principle is used to permanently stake directly to the pool you chose. If you donate 1,000,000 pink to the charity pool, they will remain in the charity wallet on the network staking for eternity. Every single coin staked by your principle donation will be directly forwarded to the current supported charity. This means that your initial pink donation will continue to donate on your behalf automatically, for life." -Donate4Life!

"Cardiac Kids" is currently the only supported charity, but we are confident that will change as the masses realize that Pinkcoin exists and little "Donate with PINK" buttons inevitably start showing up along-side or replacing the "Donate with PayPal" ones.

Makes a little more sense. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

To many down votes results in being banned (with a refund) while the more up votes you get the more staking rewards you receive from the pool.

So any large enough charity / group with an ax to grind can jeopardize any other charities?

I expect this to happen. Especially between charities / groups which similar but competing goals. Examples would be

Feminism vs Mens rights activism. Both fight for the equality of the gender but with a slightly different emphasis. Here I expect feminist to maliciously downvote.

Question: What are the safeguards against maliciously downvote / false accusations?

It seems you misunderstood. The trollbox with the voting mechanism( is completely separate from Pinkcoin itself. It's made by a freelance programmer as a side project to prove that Pinkcoin could be used as a foundation for something else. I (@MyEmpireOfShit on steemit and twitter) met him in Pinkcoin's discord chat room and have been in direct contact with him about his future plans to disassociate from PINK to some extent, at least by allowing third-parties(such as Bittrex or Poloniex, for example) to use his code on their own sites, with a selection of other PoS coins to use as a foundation instead on a case-by-case basis.

Oh and by the way, a safeguard from wrongful downvotes within the trollbox affecting one whatsoever is review from a moderator(he goes by "Cappo" at before the banning takes place.

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Say did someone find the first Pinkcoin Faucet yet ?
I havent found any Pinkcoin Faucet yet, if You know one, please tell me. Thank YOu!

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