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Someone showed me a new coin, "Pirl" thinking they were doing me a favor, I was going to be part of a block 1 (genesis) launch. Get the fast blocks while the difficulty is rather low. I had a short 2 hour window to do all of my evaluations which of course is not enough time. So here's what I can tell you.

Pirl is an Eth Clone
Pirl had only a Linux wallet at launch
Pirl uses Dagger Hashmoto algo so you use existing miners like Claymore

I stand back and look at what it has to offer, Nothing.

The Dev collects 17% of all new coins (2 of 12) because he is the only owner of a master node. Block times are targeted at 13seconds but due to difficultly being so low blocks were popping every second in the start. In under 5 hours the Dev (single person) holds over 14K coins. If this ever hits any exchange I expect to see a massive dump to nothing.

Here's looking in the mirror at another cash grab.



Honestly I wondered myself why Pirl exists, but I am actually starting to really like it. I've mined quite a lot of it and have been reading up. I am really interested in the master node feature. The price has also doubled since I started mining which is a plus! It may be just another Ethereum fork, but money is money.

It is certain that there are a lot of crap coins out there that serve no purpose, such as DOGE; but people keep trading them so they have value. I wouldn't count out PIRL just yet.

now its the first ETH coin to get masternodes, I think OP may have to eat this post.

Plus the price has been skyrocketing on PIRL the last week or so. I managed to accumulate so many that because of the price rising it is now one of my most valuable holdings. Unfortunately I didn't get enough of them when it was cheap to set up my own masternode. It's only just gotten to the point in the last few days that I can't profitably solo mine PIRL (with 20 RX580s).

Pirl is a not a scam, it's a real project. Devs in work, progress so quick!!!

your opinion is not supported by anything.

Scam - this is your invention.

Well, it is now 1-17-2018. I would clearly say PIRL has proved you wrong good sir! Have a nice day!

Good call.

I was just Looking at to decide what to mine next week instead of nicehash (yes I'm lazy, I use nicehash) after this Friday's payout in anticipation of Bitcoin fork shenanigans, and at the top of the list is PIRL with a slight advantage over good ol' Ethereum.

I agree, it looks like another junk coin.

Thanks for the Heads up!

I want to thank everyone for the upvotes and making this post worth more than Pirl, that is the power of Steem!

Also, it appears that you are pretty much just a jackass. I guess that is how you make money on steem. Be inflammatory and loudly voice an uneducated opinion. Super community we have going here.

Well, obviously you know shit about this coin. So next time before throwing dirt on something and sharing it with the clueless audience of yours do yourself a favor and do some research first, otherwise you'll look as dump as you look right now while Pirl's getting attention and it's initial investors and supporters are sipping your salty tears from the moon even though it's just getting started. ;)

Ты просто обиженный лох.

what if it is just security for devolopment, rember no ICO? you realy don't know it will be dumped. Consept with masternodes on an ETH based blockchain may actually be worth paying atention to. Casper with eth may be a disaster, they keep running in to problems. The thing is it is complicted to runn a blockchain like ETH. Masternode can help to make it more stable and cheeper to run pluss voting on devolopment. Eth have troble with not beeing truly decentreliced. It is controled without comfirmation from the comunity.

I do agree that Dev's need to do something differently because there is no ICO. But to strangle hold the master node, not release any wallet except for a Linux flavor and then say, "Big things are coming". Come on Dev. See my other post:

Just started mining pirl. Its got beautiful website and the name itself is beautiful. Apart from that this is currently the most profitable coin to mine. yes the price has come down almost 75% but it is profitable to mine. Right now it is 1 dollar. In december it was 4 dollar. I hope it goes back to being 4 dollar again. The only problem is there are unlimited pirl coins.

I have the benefit of being on this side of time and have been impressed with the work that has been done from when you posted to now. There is much to be gained from a masternode system. I am glad it is coming together. Based on the work put in and the community involvement when prices are too low to really be worth much, this is obviously not just a cash grab. Guess you can't be right all the time.

Talk about missing the dart board. lol

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