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AdEx + Neo

As the title notes, AdEx (ADX) will be the first decentralized application on Neo! I'm sure EVERYONE and their mom's have heard of NEO by now, so I won't get into the gist of that, but AdEx is surely under the radar up until now.

AdEx is a blockchain-based Ad Network that aims to disrupt the current online advertising problems, such as: ad fraud and privacy violations. Learn more here.

On August 10th, ADX saw a huge price increase of over 200% after releasing news of The AdEx Core, which is built on Ethereum. There was some corrections to the price and consolidation afterward.

Official news has been dropped an hour ago that ADX will be porting The AdEx Core from Ethereum to NEO.

“We see the huge potential of NEO and this is why we are aiming at becoming the first NEO-based DApp,” said Ivo Georgiev, CEO and founder of AdEx. “We are exciting about porting the AdEx core as we are convinced this will increase the efficiency of our advertising network,” Georgiev added.

After the news dropped this morning, AdEx yet again has skyrocketed in price. ALL of this price hike is from the US and European markets.

Once this news hits the Asia markets in the morning, we should expect further hike in price.

Why should the price further increase? Neo is a China-based blockchain that has had immense support from investors around the world. News such as this will travel fast and as AdEx Core will be the first on the NEO platform, it is great news for both ADX and NEO investors.


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