Buying The Dip 025: Under Two Hundred Club 002 - QLink [QLC]

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Welcome back to our series of articles covering coins ranking 200 or below on the Coin Market Cap list, where the potential big growers creep for the time being. Last time we covered Bloom, this week we will be covering QLINK. Again, for transparency, I will only be covering coins I view as genuine projects that can achieve an increase over time, no pump and dumps here. In the briefing I also want to cover the progress each coin has made from posting the article both for my benefit and of course yours. Obviously we saw another dip before what looks a return towards an upwards trend this week with what looks like a bottom achieved this week and each project I highlight is one I genuinely believe will still grow so if the price is down from the time of me posting the article (like this week), my enthusiasm towards purchasing into the project is only heightened.

Pick 001: Bloom [-0.94%]

This weeks pick is QLINK, a project I have been following for some time and very nearly bought into had I not prioritised buying more DBC and KCS as well as buying into Nano. In that time it has surpassed both DBC and KCS in terms of returns but the former is very much a long term project I believe in and the latter offers the utility I am looking for. Come the next dip I will be monitoring QLINK very closely, especially as I really like the project itself. The project offers a solution to a problem I'm sure many of us have had and one that the centralised system has yet to offer with such emphasis on peer-to-peer exchange that benefits both parties.

Some of the features of this project are being handled by other projects in particular the ability to sell your data and messaging allowance back to companies and other people which is useful more so in developing countries where unlimited plans are not are the norm as much but the feature of QLINK that impresses me the most and their main selling point from their perspective too is that of being credited for sharing your device as a wifi hotspot. There have been times where I have had to be part of this process both as an actor and a recipient but in all cases it has cost one of the parties and made only one person any profit and that is the mobile network carrier. With QLINK you too can be a beneficiary of this exchangefVia the app you can register yourself as an available hotspot, a function that can be turned on and off by your own decision and if someone is in the area and needs a quick boost (or you do) then access can be made via QLINK's protocol which is ran via NEO's blockchain, which by now we should all have growing confidence in. In my recent portfolio update I made reference to my purchase of Trinity which is an off-chain solution and scalability solution for NEO. For those of you wondering how you could access these hotspots without access to the internet, NEO's offchain functionality is the answer to this, so QLINK hosting via them is not just an ease of access decision, but one made with clear clarity and reasoning. In return for you sharing your data you will be rewarding in real time with QLC tokens, an exchangeable asset on KuCoin amongst other exchanges.

As well as being an exchangeable asset for those of you looking to invest, it is also the native currency and a means of advertising as distribution of wifi does not have to be charged. QLINK offers the ability to advertsise on it's platform in exchange for this and as advertising looks for new ways to access the market they may utilise this platform for exactly that. Like many of us I believe internet usability is almost a necessity at this point and should be as easy to locate as a water fountain has been for many years. Are the two as necessary to survival? No. However as the internet becomes more and more part of our lives so should it's availability and I do not mind a company wishing to try and sell me a product in return for free access.

QLINK's vision however does not end with just digital distribution of these services and it's roadmap includes mention of what they have called the BaseStation, a hardware device capable of offering wifi hotspots alongside the use of both PoW and PoS protocols to allow for mining of QLC, an addition most within the community will be happy to see as the rate of people mining their cryptocurrency becomes higher and the possibility of doing so made easier. The BaseStation will serve as an entire node in order to deploy smart contracts and maintain the Qlink Chain, a vital component of QLINK's success. It can also second as a home router or 4G service cover. Owners of BaseStations who wish to offer it's heightened capabilities to users of the chain will be rewarding so possessing one of these devices essentially acts as physical ownership of a masternode. Mining can also be pooled with other BaseStation owners to increase block work time. Planned release of the BaseStation is currently Q4 2018.

The team itself is very strong and is made up of professionals mainly from either the telecoms and computing industries with the chief architect being a former Huawei software engineer and multiple patent owner. LinkdIn accounts for the team are available on their site with the experience really showing after a good look which I of course recommend you do yourself. Alibaba's head of investment and original founding partner  Shihuang Xie sits on the advisory team which again shows the attention this project is receiving and he is not alone with many other investors of large Asian firms sit among the advisory team, each holding a stake if standard protocol is followed. Josh Dai also sits on the team having previously been a CTO of Bitmain, the company who produce the AntMiner range which gives me confidence in the development and usability of the BaseStation.

Now the numbers. It actually turns out that from the start of me writing this article till now that QLINK has jumped to rank 199 but I will not be deleting this article just because of that. It's current market cap is $56,091,840 with a price of ~$0.23 having seen lows of ~$0.12 just three days ago when I had considered investing in the project. I fully expect this project to grow and be within the top 100 as the year progresses. A market cap of $500million would place QLINK at a price of ~$2.05, possibly higher when you take the extra decimals into consideration with I did not. A conservative estimate would place QLINK at the $1 mark which if you have held since the $0.12 days would be a fantastic investment, but even now would be very savvy indeed. But only time will tell if this comes to fruition. Again, my personal interest is high and I will be looking for another opportunity to enter the market with QLC if one presents itself.

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