I do not understand about witnes, How are they elected? What's the job? And what are the benefits to a steemian's? I'm happy to meet you here. Thank You Sir.. :)

Will add this to the list. Thanks!

Your Welcome Sir..

Hello @hitwill Great post, very inspiring but I'll like you to go on this subject next. 'The need/usefulness/importance of powering up'... As in why we need Steem power and not only SBD. Many other minnows like myself are really confused about this. I hope you see this. Thanks very much @hitwill

Wow... This means alot. Thanks so much @hitwill

Thanks - good point. Will add this to the list.

Your Welcome Sir..

Yes dear I agree with you and your good concept. Before posting i learning more to select subject. I am very happy to get this post. I think , Which I have understood these are:

  1. Select good subject
  2. To point out specifically about subject.
  3. Attractive logo or photos must be related to subject.
    I don 't know , am I right or not. If I do anything wrong , please suggest me .

Very good. And keep the same format. So do always same number of photos, almost same length article. So your users become used to your writing. Also, here are some more good tips

Thank you for your good direction. Very logical tips , thank you.

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