Current Situation on BTC || BTC is still attached to the 8600 support line

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Hello everyone,
BTC keeps on the 8600 support line for 2 days. The MACD and RSI graphs also show the buy point. Maybe it could be a point of buy.

2 Days Ago:





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Hopefully it will not decline more


I hope... :)

I don't have any fear of it going lower because I wont sell. I don't mind if it goes down because I think more people will start buying. Bitcoin needs more buying volume to get going again. I do think it will go much higher later in the year but that's just my guess.


You're right! If you have any coin, you should hold

Added to my follow list. Keep up the good work and what do you think of the current market?


Thank you. I think we shouldn't do exchange in these times. BTC and ETH have opposite graphics. Maybe this decline in BTC can fix it

Thank you for the news!


You're welcome


How did you got into smartsteem upvoting trail @hirsliturna ? I want to use it too..

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