Agreed, and another one I wouldn't trust at all is Centra... I wouldn't invest in either one even if I had a gun to my head.

It is a true waste of time and resources to give it our attention and money! But I am writing this to warn others! VERY SHADY activity! I added a MNY chart that shows the times they dumped MNY. No August 8 ICO for MNY.. just started trading prior and the only one with the 1B coins started dumping them. Hmmmmm

"they dumped MNY." - You do not even know that it was for platform testing, which showed flaws in waves platform. You really do not know nothing...

Ok THANK YOU new account "ico hunter" .. or is it really DANIEL HARRISON or a Monkey groupie, or one of the monkey marketing members.. FOR CLARIFYING THAT you were just dumping MNY onto the markets for TESTING!

FINALLY an "explanation" of why they were selling hundreds of millions of coins. TO TEST THE MARKET! THAT IS FREAKING AMAZING RESPONSE.

Yes, I really know nothing except MNY now not in control of Daniel Harrison but the bagholders who were testing how the platform. Oh this is good!

Hi Daniel Harrison! Yes, you gave away promotional coins and I was on your receiving end to get my attention from these promotional coins. I also returned them back after realizing what was going on and any hope of my support fell apart after digging into your history.

Show me the transaction

Looks like i screwed up and sent back 5 instead of 4. Keep the change

Do want to also see the transaction where I paid 0.505 BTC for your scamcoin = COEVAL?

Yes, your account is SUPER SHADY:

Just defending yourself Daniel?

Attacking me somehow by showing how I was given something and returned it b/c I didnt want them from you? Oh yes, let's address your MNY dumping, your history, your deflections, your deceitful nature. Editor in Chief in name only! I love your level of audacity .. you really dont care about people, just whatever it takes.

Thanks for your serious contributions to this article.

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