I Am Accumulating Dash for the Next Few Months.

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Over the Weekend I Was Told to Buy Dash.

Now I must admit that I felt left out when it came to the Dash train. Back in December when Bitcoin made its eye popping run I sold all of my Dash. I enjoyed the benefits of having my funds in Bitcoin but when Dash made its move to $100 all the way to $200 I sat on the sidelines as my friends enjoyed huge profits.

Then one of my friends shared this video with me. Amand B. Johnson of Dash is interviewed by Adam @BitcoinMeister.

It Was Time to Get Back on Board the Dash Train.

There are multiple reasons why I have always liked Dash. Going forward it looks like Dash is building some amazing tech on its blockchain. Dash Evolution is going to be huge but what is amazing is that they are having huge growth without it. Then on top of that I hear rumors that Dash could be added to my favorite exchange to hate Coinbase. Being added to more exchanges is always positive for a Crypto Currency.

I personally believe we could quickly see Dash make a 50% move to the upside. I am making sure that I am going to be part of it. So I sold some of my poor performing cryptos and bought a nice amount of Dash.

Learn More About Dash Evolution.

This post is just my personal trades and I am in no way recommending that you buy Dash. Do your own research and always never risk more than you can afford to lose.


dash also has huge potential

Dash for the win, my friend!

Good Read!! Me and my husband was just discussing Dash over the weekend!

I have always watched it closely but just backed up the truck because I think it has great potential.

Thanks for the tip about Dash. I figured I had already missed the train on it as well.

Me too, I have been buying DASH but in drib & drabs. Could be worth another look.

Dash Evolution once launched will definitely boost the price of Dash, thanks for sharing your expert advice on Dash.

It sure will but it still might be a while until it is ready.

It probably will be a while, but just an announcement of an alpha release will move prices, especially if people can play around with it in a testnet

I never invested any money in dash before.. but I will dig information and see if it worth putting my money in, thanks for sharing

I missed the Dash train too! I'm preparing to purchase some Dash soon, I just hope that I won't be late. It's already moved up in the last two days!!

It seems you are really into Dash, isn't it?

Keep up the good spirits.

I agree that Dash is looking really good!

Dash was off my list lately but has returned about your quick announcement. You lose track sometimes because of all the Cryptocurrency Hype, definitely great progress with Dash project so far! Hope all works out well

I NEED to get on the train. I felt like I was late to the station on this but my gut feeling (for the reasons stated) is nagging at me to just do it. Thank you.

deffinitly one of the best cryptocurrencies at the market now

Thank you very much for your analysis and share this experience with us. For beginners in crypto this is very useful.

From the video... "It (DASH) is Bitcoin, with governance and scalability added... it has a Bitcoin 'code' base... it has the same goal as Bitcoin"

I could not have said it better, Amanda understands the DASH credo very well!

Full disclosure on my part, as a long term Bitcoin holder(late2012), that does not fully understand the technical side of blockchains... it is because of the scaling debate and multiple types of core software (Ultimate, Classic, SegWit, and regular), I have moved 90% into DASH for the time being.

Basically I am terrified I might accidentally send funds to an incompatible address, because the soft fork(chain) won't accept my transaction. I am not willing to break my transfers into 10 small ones(risking less) that take 6 hours to show up on the other side, after paying 10x the transaction fees. Why not just select "Instant Send" and let master nodes take all the risk, the transaction fee for this service is still less than a regular bitcoin transaction?

When I look at the dashtreasury.org and the dashvotetracker.com I get a sense of what is going on and what is planned, and I like that. Are there any other cryptos where the core development team shares information like this?

I think dash will be worth many more money in the future , in long term

Good post! thanks for sharing, we need to be alert, Dash increase is comming!

I've been holding an irrational grudge against dash because I got burned pretty bad when it was sinking earlier this year. I think it's time for me to get back on that train.

I'm new to investing in crypto and just dipping my toes into the pool. I appreciate the great advice and information!

Nice post, GL :) Edited cos I just realised I meant ripple not dash (in case you read the original lol)

Yes, it was a great interview, I enjoyed watching it too (I saw it yesterday). I started mining and buying Dash two months ago. Since then the price of Dash has increased more than two-fold. I think that it will grow much more during this year. I am seriously focused now on increasing my personal reserves of Dash: by mining, cloud-mining, buying and holding, and even doing gigs paid with Dash. DASH FTW!!!

What do you think of monero? Its price in BTC during the last months has been quite stable.

I like Monero and think it could do well but I don't own any at this time.

Dash seems to be on an upward trend.
I hope the train keeps going for you :)

I spent a lot of time watching too. Watched it at $1 and $2. Got in at $7 and out at $15. No I own some and am just holding and adding a little bit too it on occasion.

It sounds like Dash is one to consider.

we're currently on an extended 3rd wave! dash looks very bullish from this angle

DASH does seem to be a leader when it comes to marketing which makes a difference. Are you worried about PIVX as a DASH competitor?

PIVX can piggyback on Evolution, with its higher coin supply it seems like it could tag along as the silver to Dash's gold. But first mover will get a lot more attention.

They talk about PIVX in the video. Not worried one bit, I own both.

Thank you for your analysis. I appreciate it.

ETH and LTC definitely got a nice bump when they were added to CB, thanks for the tip.

Of course Dash worth buying. It has a strong backup

It's a good idea to accumule Dash for a while.

Dash is going stronger day by day and Chinese traders are really on it.
Thank for sharing lovely inspection.

Dash is definitely one of the most promising cryptocurrencies .

Dash has big potential. Thanks for the tip.

It's true that DASH right now is one of the most promising cryptocuurencies and for me I will never let it go to moon without getting benefit
I'm pretty sure that DASH is going to the moon very soon and everybody should think and let his mind work and buy some DASH and stock them until it has its big increase
personally, bought 250 DASH few days ago and waiting for the end of 2017 with a big probability to make some huge profits
thanks a lot for sharing this and I hope some users understand it and get benefit

thanks for sharing, and i agree dash has major potential to becoming a good investment

Have a bit of mining power invested in Dash and it's really profitable. The recent price jump will probably bring in more miners to lower the rewards. Anyway, can't complain about Dash looking forward for the Evolution.

I watched this post myself when it came out. I've stated preference for Dash for several rational reasons, and have state so in several creative ways in my own posts.

One of my posts revealed how to buy a "masternode share" which I am strongly leaning towards buying.

I think we shouldn't always listen to people on internet telling us WHICH cryptocurrency to buy, because these people, who hold large amount of a cryptocurrency will try to DRIVE the market in order to sell it profitably by influencing other people with courses, videos, posts and articles, etc...

Of course not. Do your own research, look at the fundamentals and commercialization of Dash, Bitcoin, LTC, and other pure currencies and decide which one you think is the strongest contender for mainstream adoption.

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Thanks for the info I dabble with bitcoin I'm going to look into this thanks! 🕊

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The recent declarations by Evan, got the whole community talking about it.

I just started collecting cryptocurrency i have bits of eth, lite, btc,tbc , ripple i got about 20 and also doge i have about 2-3 weeks with all most no money . do you recomend continue gathering bits of each or stick on one

Thanks for this very informative post. I am following you for more.
I am still new here and I am having an information overload :0
Please be so kind as to read my post about bitcoin and give me your input?


Any advice would be most welcome...and perhaps an upvote :)

Thank you very much :)

I don't see a major difference between Dash, Zcash, Litecoin. Where is the innovation? Everyone has a whitepaper and a story, but no one can tell me the real differentiation that is unique.

When Randy is backing up the truck, people are rubbernecking his movements :)

Its name suggests that it is dash and it has now come into dash.

I would buy anything that Amanda B. Johnson recommends lol.

I am just entering the cryptocurrency world the last month. Heard of dash but never gave importance. I hope to look at Dash seriously after your post

Excellent work as always dear friend @ hilarski, thank you very much for sharing this information and your point of view, which is the important thing for your experience in the world of the criptomonedas
I wish you a beautiful week