CryptoCurrency Digibyte Activates Segwit on April 28th.

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What is Digibyte?

DigiByte (DGB) is a rapidly growing three year old decentralized global blockchain with a focus on cyber security, payments & secure communications. Learn More Here

What is Segwit?

Segregated Witness, often abbreviated to SegWit, is a proposed update to the Bitcoin software, designed to fix a range of serious issues. Read More Here

Why I Like the Digibyte Project.

Digibyte is a three year old decentralized cryptocurrency that has stood the test of time. The team continues to improve the project. I also like how they are focusing on gaming. You can also mine Digibyte using 5 different algorithms!

DigiByte Blockchain FAQs _ DigiByte Global Blockchain.png

DigiByte Blockchain FAQs DigiByte Global Blockchain.png

Digibyte Can Be Mined with 5 Different Algrorithms.


April 28th 2017 is the Big Day for Segwit Activation on the Digibyte Network.

DigiByte Segregated Witness Adoption Tracker.png

Segwit is Now Activated as of April 28!

Don't Forget to Take Your Digibytes Off of Exchanges and Put Them Into a Private Wallet.

Click Here to Download Your Choice of Digibyte Wallet.

Digibyte is Not a Client of 200 Social. I just like the project.

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I hope you are right mate. I have my fingers in this one and believe it can do great things. Watching SegWit and it seems it still has a way to go until active. What exactly is the news on this SegWit activation and when do you think SegWit will kick in?

Solid blog. Interesting to see I'm not the only one that is thinking about this. The crypto market: High risk high gains!. That doesn't mean that a gain is guaranteed though. There's simply no guarantee in anything in life and especially not in a high risk market. Does anyone know about: I don't know any other site that gives such good inisghts in the team, the product, advisors, community, the business and the business model, etc. Check for example: For the DigiByte Research report

Good info i never heard about Digibyte thanks for nice info.

I have held onto my DGB for over an year and they do have a great set of applications. Digusign could be huge in the coming days. With Segwit & Lightning Networks, Digibyte will foray into the world of super fast micropayments and cross chain transactions!! The day is not far when we can buy Coffee with DGB...

Resteemed here and on
Finally downloaded my wallet today ;)
Thx again I really mean it! I have another c0in to l0ve ;)


Me too, I love how they are looking to gaming.


Yes! After you got me into it, I checked out the site and when I seen gaming, I was really s0ld on Digi! That's wonderful ;)

Digibyte's segwit isn't active:


Signaling, but not active.


Well, that makes sense since I said it would be active today.

Great article Randy @hilarski . Where do they trade? Are they on Polo yet? Thanks for bringing this one to my attention. Been crazy busy painting lately and slacky on crypto.


I see them all over Jan. Keep painting, you are amazing.

FYI fellow traders, DGB is still very cheap right now (82 sats on polo as of 5:37am CST). I think very soon it won't be.

Why do we need to take it off the exchange ? In case it forks?


Never trust an exchange.

It's one of the four cryptos I'm betting on quadrupling by this time next year.

Also, I've had a TOUGH time navigating through the rumor/fact/fake news re: Segwit activation. It's looking like this falls more into a "Buy the rumor, sell the confirmation of lock-in, then buy the news of actual lock-in" category. At least that's what charts of DGB and LTC seem to make me think.



I am having a hard time trying to find information on when segwit actually activates. The twitter says it has activated and has been test mined. The block explorer (most recent block) says otherwise. The Segwit digitbyte tracker is down. This is confusing


DigiByteCoin DigiByte tweeted @ 23 Mar 2017 - 14:35 UTC

1st #segwit block has been test mined on live #DigiByte network! Check block version:…

RandyHilarski Randy Hilarski tweeted @ 28 Apr 2017 - 17:13 UTC

RT @DigiByteCoin: We are activated!! #SegWit #Blockchain #DigiByte #Bitcoin #Litecoin

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