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RE: Reviewing My Investments from 2017

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

I also invested in NEO in October last year. I bought it when it was around $40, and now, it's more than a hundred!!

Did you not include Ripple in your investments? I also made an incredible gain with this digital token. I also like Ripple's concept and its applications for the banking industry.


The fact that XRP is a centralised cryptocurrency and that the token itself isn't going to be used by the banks has always put me off, I'd rather invest in XLM, which is the same thing but decentralised, It's on my 2018 shopping list!

Same with me, I plan to invest in Lumens too. What I really like with Ripple though is their almost instant transaction confirmations for a really low network fee. That's how I move my BTC from Bitfinex to Bitstamp. Instead of using the BTC blockchain, I convert it to XRP and send it through. Saves me a lot of dollars!

You can use Lumens for the same thing, it's a fork of Ripple anyway, XLM is just XRP without that nasty central bank smell ;) I usually move things around as LTC myself, usually a good balance between speed and being supported on every exchange

Did not know that it was a fork of Ripple.
Lumens is in my portfolio but does not perform well at the moment but I will give it time.

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