True Flip: Higher Stakes Are Worth It

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 

True Flip is an anonymous lottery platform using cryptocurrency as your bet money for the lottery and earn back as your winnings. Unlike other lottery platforms online, it is not connected to any government agency. Therefore, nobody controls the operations, the currency, and the earnings but the company itself.

So what makes True Flip worth the gamble?
As mentioned, the use of cryptocurrency allows me to convert money from my bank to gaming currency and play lottery all with the possibility of winning higher than I spent for. With this, the coins I spend and earn have its own value and can multiply more when I withdraw my coins to my bank account and convert it to real money.

Second is the initial coin offerings or ICO. This is a huge help for those who are still starting. The initial coins given to a new player will highly encourage him to play since there's literally nothing to lose. If you earn in your ICO, it's like winning the lottery without having to gamble. And that is a great factor for any player.

Transparency is also one thing I appreciate in this software. When it comes to dealing with money - whether it's in dollars or cryptocurrency — transparency is key. Seeing the flow of your earnings and losses can build a community of trust within the True Flip platform.

Although there were some complaints of losing tickets earned especially during referrals, I think this was just a minor setback of a software that just started. Given how advanced True Flip has been when it comes to pseudo-anonymity and cryptocurrency, this is something that I see would improve and be more trusted in the following years. Their plans on adding other lottery games is really promising.

Of course, they should fix the glitches first. And when things are already going smoothly, True Flip's loyal players will surely look forward to participating to other lotteries.

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