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Electronic Commerce is becoming a prevailing business for commercial transactions, that comprises the transfer of data across the Internet. It includes a range of diverse types of businesses, beginning from consumer based retail sites, passing through auction sites, ending with businesses exchanging trading products and services between corporations. It is at present one of the most significant aspects of the Internet. Electronic commerce has controlled the growth of electronic marketplaces where suppliers and likely customers are met to conduct communally advantageous trade or transaction.

Indeed, it allows customers to exchange products and services by electronic means within no of time and regardless of distance barriers. Electronic commerce has achieved growth rapidly over the last years and is foretold to still growing.
Hence, financial and economic aspects have become the interests of not only economists and bankers but also investors, sellers and ordinary people. All have been concerned with banking, trade, and e-commerce as well as all the new in this domain. People are always seeking solutions for their transactions that can facilitate their businesses. Organizations, businessmen, and sellers have heard recently about something new, which is BANKCOIN. In this article, you will be acquainted enough with this fresh process.

BANKCOIN is a new process to generate a resourceful, protected, and fast way of exchanging products and services globally, using the digital currency of pioneering technology like blockchain or data chains. Transfers are needed to be made directly between people or organizations, from and to any part of the globe.


Thus, BANKCOIN now is presenting a complete platform with its own digital currency, which is Bankcoins, offering services such as international debit cards, ATMS, connections with other platforms, in addition to a product and services online store. Through digital wallet, users are enabled to save their digital currency, having control of their coins without any in-between transactions, and these coins can be used or exchanged in a meek and reliable manner.

Concluding partnership agreements with the academic and commercial sector, BANKCOIN can offer great assistances to academic communities, along with backing the development of new applications and software.
In 2016, BANKCOIN signed Strategic Alliance with the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur and Universidad Intercontinental Noroeste, launching crowdfunding campaigns.

Under the name [email protected], meaning Exchange, operations for the trading of digital currency began on this platform. It is planned for BANKCOIN in the year 2020 to be one of top 5 cryptocurrency exchange organizations all over the world.

It offers a [email protected] Shop, as it is a virtual store of, where you can purchase products and services via your digital coins Bankcoins [email protected] You can exchange your cryptocurrency and other commercial transactions wherever you are if you are connected to the internet.

Built on the Waves Platform, which is an open blockchain platform intended for effortless use and mass adoption. Yet BANKCOIN is growing much more with the services offered by BANKCOIN which include:

  • E-ATM, which is a service offers specialized ATMs, presenting additional services.
  • Networking Plug, where interconnection to BANKCOIN is offered to obtain a platform for your games or applications.
  • B @ Shop, a BANKCOIN store, you can buy products and services from it, through B @.
  • B @ Debit Card, you can use this international debit card in many places all over the world and can receive money from it using any ordinary ATMs.

It is predicted to expand and develop rapidly in the next few years and the cryptocurrency is going to be aimed as the desired way of safe payments in many stores in the near future, causing the electronic commerce to continue growing and spreading.

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