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This is my first update to the campaign. I am pleased that we have received 3 donations, though I would like to amplify that into successfully spreading and funding the project. It would be amazing to do this and be able to spread this technology to the people. Soon, I will be releasing vast amounts of information on EMR and specific ways of transmuting the technology output into beneficial energies and preventing harm through specific practices.
Please Read, research, share, resteem, donate and receive a tab!

Visit the original post and view videos on this topic.

Click ME to visit my campaign on GoFundMe

I am raising $6,000 to purchase 1000 RadiSafe tabs from the manufacturer to give to primarily:

1- Pregnant Women through the Boulder Birthing Center
2- Children owning cell phones or Laptops through local schools
3- Cancer patients and others with autoimmune diseases through local hospitals

Backed by a vast amount of scientific evidence, the fact is that microwave technology causes cancer and other diseases. Microwave technology is what is used in cell phones, microwaves, smart TV’s, cell phone towers, laptops, modems and very many other modern devices.
This is a campaign for a mission I've been wanting to see come about for some time. The campaign here is to produce funds to purchase RadiSafe Cell Phone Tabs that eliminate to vast degrees the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation in cell phones. I will be posting the science as it goes on and hope you watch it go and get involved in spreading it. The tabs I will give to donors at a discount, and then give free tabs with the value acquired to schools, cancer patients, etc.

I am sharing a PowerPoint I made over a year ago to share with tech companies that have their employees surrounded by very high quantities of radiation daily. See the links to informational videos on the bottom of this post. And watch @worldistro and @hajijah36 for coming posts detailing the Electromagnetic war on mankind!


I am offering RadiSafe tabs at discounts to all people who donate to support this fundraising campaign.
If you donate for this campaign, and wish to receive RadiSafe tabs, let me know by commenting and sending an email to [email protected] with your address in the States:

$9 for one tab
$15 for two tabs

I will need $3000 in funds to make an initial purchase for these though, so please help me get halfway through the campaign at least and spread the Love around.

For your Viewing, the competition moves these tabs at $30 retail. This is exorbitantly more than manufacturing price.

You can donate in many ways:
GoFundMe - Fiat
Smart Cash: Sgrb5qSKh5JsrsPyEEf4yKFmuzhMwvmkRJ


Whatever money I receive from this post will go to purchasing RadiSafe.

In Closing-
I am the Author of a book I am releasing with added discourse here on Steemit.
To read the book in order, visit here
Section 1 Invocation
Section 2 On Communication
Section 3 On Intellect and Observation
Section 4 The Meditative Mind

To make a purchase in support of Wandering Thoughts, use the link below:

To order a book using crypto, please message me below and we can work something out.

Check out the incredible projects We are working on at the
Warriors Of the Rainbow Lodge @therainbowlodge
Warriors Of the Rainbow Lodge Distribution @worldistro

Keep up with a series called The Community Design Dialog:
First Section-Social Enterprise in and for Corporate Relationships
Second Section- On Artificial and Organic Hierarchy and the Imperative of Structure to Function
Third Section- Systemic vs Holistic Approach to Business and Life

Big Ups to @be-empowered, a great event in the works for may of 2019 at Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, CO
and @kennyskitchen for creating a community movement here on Steemit to benefit the movement toward common-unity and supporting unwaveringly the development of a better world!

Infinite Blessings!



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