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Section 4- The Meditative Mind

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Wandering Thought Center Mind

On nothing in particular
By: Haji, Naadantra Natha, BeFree
Published by Corey David Haag
Printed on the third sphere from the Sun for the Benefit of ALL!
First Printing, 2017

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Whatever experiences we are having, we cannot escape the fact that all things can only be experienced within the self. No person can ever experience outside of themselves. The ability to comprehend the world happens exclusively within the being that is observing and interacting with it. The document that is being read here cannot be understood unless the person reading it becomes aware of this particularity of life. They will not appreciate this book unless they become interactive and aware that it is a reflection of their internal mechanism of understanding.
What Are you Creating?

So many things can influence the mind of the seeker. So many things are there to make impactful experiences in the mind of the individual. In the journeys, one must move on from attachment to any and all experiences to truly be free. One must make efforts on the journey and be unafraid to explore life, but in the moment to move on from ones current state, one must be bold and courageous and jump into the unknown and become innocent again and again, until the innocence becomes the self.

There are many discourses upon the act of meditation. Any of them may be used as a tool to achieve the result. Perfection in meditation is perfection in the mind. This is not given to a person through a book, a manual, or instruction by another person. Rather, these are only tools to shape the careful seeker to become aligned and an adept in practice. The meditation itself comes from the individual and their will and sincere practice.
Meditative state remains the same no matter what it is defined as by so many different people and cultures. The state is the same regardless of language, culture, region, height, weight, sex, or any other designation. It is in non-pointedness that we receive the state of meditation. It is when the mind is calm and unmoving that we see the stillness within and without.
Zazen is the simplest form of meditative practice. Simple does not mean easy. But it does mean simple. If one simply sits, and stays in strict posture and strict will for the still body and still mind, one may conquer extreme lengths with fantastic immediacy. Those that know-know.
Hear outside of oneself is impossible. One hears oneself.

The meditation provided is very potent for becoming a witness to what it is that draws weight in your collection of personas. Almost all people have collected personas, and they are situationally dependent. Who speaks the most? Why? Do they speak wisdom?
See and be still.

In Closing-
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