Can't Find A Good Cryptocurrency To Invest With?

in cryptocurrency •  7 months ago

Investing Should be a Wise Choice Shouldn't it Be?

After all the ups and downs of this cryptospace, I still wonder what's the best coin out to there invest with? I know I want steem,but, how about others?

It seems the universe it quiet at the moment. It's sad to say but some coins in my portfolio just didn't make it. This made me thinking what's the future of crypto when faith seems to be thinning? I think the concept for Blockchain technology will stay as awesome as it is now and it may even be better in the future. Of course Bitcoin is different from Blockchain. Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin which is a digital currency or cryptocurrency.

By this time, many are understanding this but why the price is still not that high? Let's take a look for some interesting top coins from coinmarketcap:



The chart above is by "Market Capitalization" and not price. There are lots of things we must consider when finding an asset to invest with aside from price right? However, it seems that that's the only things most of us care as of the moment.

Let's see who's the highest price according to coinmarketcap


Of course, Bitcoin is still on top followed by Bitcoin Cash. Dash and Ethereum is still on top of the list. I thought this two could be a great investment for they seems to have an important purpose that could change the way we make things in digital world years from now. That is just my assertion so don't just take my word on it. It's always better to do your own research.

Time is Also an Asset!

If time is an asset, then what should I be doing with it?

Since we're here in Steemit and we're trying to make something out of Steem, I wonder if this platform is still worth the effort and time. The price went back to $1 per Steem though it's way lower than that when I started here. I think it's not that bad for those who experience the price before which is less than $1.00 per Steem. I couldn't say what others should feel when they bought Steem at the BTC price of $18,000. Of course it's kinda upsetting to see the price went down from that high.

I still think that writing posts here daily would be better than writing once in a blue moon. This platform is all about influence anyway so it's better we do something everyday to increase our number of followers and of course find a way to help the community better. All wants profit and nothing's wrong with that as long as it's done in a good and respectable way. I just hope whales would be more than willing to make this community grow and lead somewhere green pastures.


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There are a ton of different options which are probably overwhelming for most investors, my approach is to look at which projects have practical real-life application, the size of the market and likelihood of success.

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Always do some bitcoin. Its the stronges5 suitor for true adoption. The tech is more mature and they have faced and solved many more problems than the rest. After that choose a top ten coin and diversify. I'd say to start 60-40 Bitcoin-Alt and maybe diversify once you feel comfortable and have experienced highs and lows.

recently i just invest into ACM TOKEN from GCOX, i think this is a quite new concept project and not bad.. u can have a look too :)
they just finished their 1st ITS, feedback not bad
since they launching their ITS now and the price quite reasonable, maybe can try to invest into it maybe can bring us double or triple return XD

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