Long journey , Short story , Please welcome me back on steemit

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Dear Steemians

Please be kind and welcome me back on Steemit.
I Just powered up my account with 1400 Steem .
HopeI will be influenced by the progress of Steemit.com team and the kindness of its members to buy some more.

I made a new website https://mycryptostake.com/ (I'm still working to get all the features right and add articles, I guess another week of constant work will make the website look as I want it
.Screenshot (38).png
I am addicted to cryptocurrencies.
Dictionary: ''the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.''
Mine is like 24/7 curse

I decided to keep it positive and try my best at bringing new users to the whole of the Blockchain/cryptocurrency space.

The purpose of the website is to basically attract new users to the Blockchain space and I will do so by doing the following ;
Teach people of all ages how to use Blockchain/cryptocurrencies related services
I will research the latest news and post the reviews about relevant news of the day
I will teach people how to make money in the cryptocurrency space and risk associated with investment even if they don't have money to invest
I will post jobs, bounties,airdrops and different opportunities to make money .

I know pretty well steemit.com and by knowing steemit I know for a fact that this platform is a great way to advertise my work and get traffic to my website
So my main focus is Steemit.com the reason for my power up

I have been for the last 6 months learning to make websites
I believe I now know enough to get me started on my journey of becoming an important influencer in the cryptocurrency space

I will also look at managing other projects, I have experience of being the European community manager of Achain,
from which I have learned a lot about Blockchain technology
I really had to take a break from crypto because I really wanted to have my own website and started learning CSS Html and Javascript,( However, I ended up making my websites on Wordpress since it was millions time faster )

I learned and i am still learning , We will die learning but while alive I hope to teach others too
Hard work coming but since addiction is at play its actually easy work

I am looking forward to make friends and grow together

Thank you very much for reading

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Always have fun with your website and don't focus on the money with it in the beginning.

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I will have a great time with it for sure
I've actually been away from making money lately and I am not rushing to make any, I have a great plan and I will work hard to get it done.
I've been away for a while but just to come back stronger and more knowledgeable than before
I hope you've been doing well and enjoyed yourself even in the bear market as I did
Thank you very much for dropping by
keep in touch

I had that focus on my website in the beginning and was terrible when the bear market started, so I see my website as my business card today!

Can I have a link of your website please, I am a bit confused, is now that website something you make money with or just something you can present as something you can do?

My website is http://chesatochi.com/ and the aim is to eventually make money with it but with the crypto bear market has changed that reality. Now I explore other areas in the crypto sphere and that is one of the reasons I am committed to the Steem blockchain because I receive something every day for my time.

I can see you have adsense activated , that is good , i can also see you have quite a few articles , that is good too , but have you considered adding sections such as jobs or bounties / airdrops as that should increase traffic , i believe its a good thing since people always want something for free and most probably will come back

It is a valid option that I might look into it, but the best is to always explore and see what is working for you.

Hopefully I dont invade your privacy , but what is the daily traffic you get on your website, as you now know i am a newbie and curiosity is at all places

I actually found that too

The traffic has decreased a lot during the long bear market and this is one of the reasons I decided to make a great presence on the Steem blockchain.

i am now actually on your website