Hi Daniel Harrison! Yes, you gave away promotional coins and I was on your receiving end to get my attention from these promotional coins. I also returned them back after realizing what was going on and any hope of my support fell apart after digging into your history.

haha this has been the best post to read. i have laughed so much. Daniel Harrison is a joke. wtf are you doing Daniel Harrison you retard.
goldseek if there is a way to take this guy down, im in
the dude is absolute scum

Hi Chippa, we are dealing with a very sick person who preys off people who wanted to support, believe in him and give him money. Instead he steals, scams and now is writing a new reality book about how his overnight scam sensation was attacked by... well read this garbage the fantasy writer posted on his site for his new book. He is a deranged person messed up by either poor morals, values or the drug abuse he like to gloat about: "After launching two tokens which rose over 15,000%, making overnight millionaires out of working class families-of-four, compounding their efforts to enact a takeover of an entire public Blockchain as well as that of rival ICOs, the two quickly found their success terrorised by "troll attacks" across internet chat rooms. Harrison and Hawley were under attack, and it was Putin's army that was trying to suppress their Capitalist technological uprising. This thrilling tale is one of how Harrison and Hawley gathered the best minds at the top American multinational corporations to deflect the attempt to stop them." - The Blockchain Manifesto: How Monkey Is Installing Capitalism On The World's Virtual Economy"

Harrison could have played a fair and honest ICO that would have made a lot of people wealthy including his clients/himself and created a trusted brand in a new evolving (crypto) market. He got greedy and messed it up, took the fast and easy buck. Now he is trying to blame everyone but himself. I myself will make sure his name remains well remembered in the coin world so he has no chance of doing this again to innocent, trusting people. We are a very large group of Crypto investors and his name was mentioned today by a few of us and he is considered a joke. Harrison if you are reading this and I am sure you lost a lot of people money and you should stay well clear of the crypto sector. We hope you made enough money off Coeval/Monkey con to warrant never being taken seriously again in what will become one of the largest future investment sectors which you will now be excluded from!

Thank you for your reply and it is good to see that others will not let Harrison get away with investors money so easily. I agree, Harrison could have done something good for many investors but he decided to cheat and lie and mined investors for their money instead. He has tried to blame many others for his actions including me for questioning and revealing his actions.

Keep up the good work mate!

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