Decenternet / dAppstore Signs Partnership with MakerDAO

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MakerDAO is a global financial Denmark company that has real users in more than 30 countries. De-Fi is a global stable coin project that occupies more than 50% of the worldwide cryptocurrency financial services market.

MakerDAO’s goal is to solve the volatility of cryptocurrency and build a blockchain-based financial system that is more reliable with DAI, the stable coin and MKR, a coin that makes governance decisions.

The De-Fi ecosystem has already proven reliability by holding a high share of the market with a stable coin which is pegged with the US dollar and decentralized governance system.

Through our partnership with MakerDAO, we will equip DAI in our multi-wallet. Through this:

  1. SPYCE will perform as the dapp exclusive token which is the key-currency for Osiris/dAppstore.
  2. DAI will perform the function of a deposit.

The value of Decenternet is raised higher because users can use SPYCE while playing dapps, or exchange and deposit DAI while earning additional interest.

It is helpful to realize that this partnership allows the Osiris/dAppstore users to receive a high-interest rate of 6% per year. It is expected that an exciting synergy effect will be created with the interactions between the MakerDAO and Osiris/dAppstore communities while establishing the real use cases in the blockchain ecosystem.

Currently, Decenternet is ready to launch its free VPN service.

Starting with the partnership with MakerDAO, Decenternet will continue to work to expand the use cases of blockchain services, focusing on real use cases in various areas.

Please send us lots of interest and positive energy.

Thank you.

SPYCE can be acquired at
DAI can be acquired at