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My account on Poloni Exchange was hacked. The trades that I hadn't requested were done on my account and I lost most of the investments I had made because of the false, unauthorized trades.

I had had enough and wanted to withdraw the whatever amount was left on PoloniEx. No luck with that as well as I my account has been suspended. My account has been in suspended state for more than a month and their support team doesn't even care to reply to any of the tickets.

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Today I logged in to try one more time but I saw that the terms and conditions are updated and many feel that they might file for insolvency. So today I raised a request for account closure.

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I am putting it out on steemit because anything that is on blockchain is for eternity and a solid proof ;)

I am moving my trading to Bitfinex : The best centralised exchange because it is good for active traders, has more features and better security measures and Bitshares : Distributed exchange where I store my stash mainly as BTS.

What has been your experience with PoloniEx. Do you recommend any other exchanges that you have used of late?


bitfinex is great exchange site yeah you are right is it good for active traders

Hey brother I feel your pain. I just left Polo for good when it took me 5 days to withdraw 100 LTC. The transaction showed as completed with a TX ID that didn't even exist and was made up. It also changed twice. I suggest Bittrex as a contingency trading platform if Bitfinex were for some reason not available. It takes 10 MINUTES to upload a selfie and the front and back of your drivers license to be able to withdraw up to 250BTC . Polo took 3 months to approve me to tier three, and I can still only withdraw up to $25,000. They are unresponsive and do not communicate at all with the community. People really need to read the red flags and just move somewhere else. It is not worth the risk.