Trade 1 SBD for 6.65 Steem Now!

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Do you want to buy Steem for really cheap? Use your SBD rewards to buy Steem now because one SBD will give you around 6.65 Steem.

When you make a blog post on Steemit, you have the possibility to get your rewards all in Steem Power, or 50% in Steem Power and 50% in Steem Backed Dollars. 

Now let's say that a post you have made earned you $10. If you chose to get 100% of your rewards in Steem Power, you have $10 worth in Steem Power. In the contrary, ii you chose 50% in Steem Power and 50% in SBD, you have now 5 Steem Power and 5 SBD.

Change your 5 SBD on the market and you have around 33 Steem that you can power up. Your new total is 38 Steem Power earned instead of 10.

Trade 1 SBD for 6.65 Steem Now!

Since the first December I noticed that the Steem Backed Dollar was higher than $1, at around $1.6. This is very weird becaused it is supposed to stay very close to $1 as explained in the faqs.

It works like Tether (USDT), which stays at $1, so it is an equivalent of one USD when trading back and forth on the exchanges. USDT has managed to stay pretty much around $1 since it was started, so what's happening with SBD?

Let's look at the price right now.

It is now at $7.94 and it is raising crazy! 

This is the graph showing the change since the first December 17.

On the first December 1 SBD was around $1.7 USD, and after 6 days there is a surge with higher prices. The trading volume has also increased significantly. I believe this is a short term opportunity that has to be taken before things go back to normal.

How I changed 6 SBD for 39.92 Steem

First, I clicked on the 6 Steem Dollars I had and selected "Market." It opened the market place.

I selected the amount available, which was 6 and it gave me an amount in Steem, which was 39.922. I clicked "Buy Steem."

That was processed immediately.

The Steem is also showing at the top.

Now, how much is this in USD?

Let's have a look at

You can change 39.923 Steem for 0.00315812 Bitcoin which equals to $49.59 according to the CoinDesk Bitcoin calculator.

I didn't change the Steem into Bitcoin, and then USD because I'm going to power it up.

Now, I have been using 6 to 10 SBD to boost each of my posts lately and I'm considering to buy Steem instead with my rewards, or just use a smaller amount to boost my posts until the SBD value comes back to $1 USD.

Thank you to @fitinfun and her post that encouraged me to go ahead changing my SBD to Steem: Trade SBD for STEEM in the Internal Market? It's working for me.

Would you upvote this post and follow me for more because this will encourage me to make more posts about Steem like this one?

Michel Gerard


This is a great post, and one way that I use to increase my steem power is to trade in the internal market; as the price of SBD is currently low, I am holding the SBDs, and I hope to trade them for steem when the price of SBD goes up, or of Steem goes down.

Thank you for your comment @monajam and telling us how you increase your SP.

Good post brother Nice working

I've been doing it myself too before the market rights. Its great value and so easy to bump up your sp at the moment.

An opportunity not to miss!

Long may it last. If we can keep getting paid at 10 dollar spd everybody on here wins.

Wow, nice to know :)

I'm glad it is useful. Thanks for commenting!

Absolutely insane, all I can say is that I'm powering up like there's no tomorrow!

That's the smart thing to do.

@gmichelbkk I have been doing this a few times during the past week and yes more STEEM for SBD right now is such a great Christmas Gift................

Yes, it couldn't be at a better time.

now 1 SBD =$11.84

It's very high here!

Its $ 11.4788097 on Bittrex.

That's great!

helpful post .thanks for teaching.

My pleasure!

Gd post dear @gmichelbkk & thanx you for sharing

I'm glad you like it!

Useful post dear & thanx you for sharing

My pleasure.

I'm already doing it this way.
I've also made a post last night because the price for 1 SBD was worth over
$ 17!
This is just crazy.

Yes, that's crazy. Not sure how long it's going to stay that way!

steemdoller rate is very up

Yes, it is. Thank you for commenting.

i added like $20 to my account value yesterday spending 2.50 SBD .

Im hoping by next week ill have added much more to it, especially since i would like to start some sort of resteem service ; this one is getting it for free ! lol

That' s good. Thanks for the comment.

thanks for great information of luck..✌👏👌

I'm happy you like it. Thanks for commenting.

most welcome.
when create your new blog???

1 post per day.

oh i see...How are you my friend???

Oh! Thank you for this information. I did it in my account and I begun increase it over 15 SP. Very interesting!!!

I am glad it is useful for you.

Great news!
Maybe SBD price will decrease to $1.

Do you think SBD price will rise next year like this?

We can't predict. Just wait and see.

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