CryptoCurrency Rags To Riches

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Today I'd like to recommend a book named "CryptoCurrency Rags To Riches" by Douglas Lampi, and I hope this will be useful for you, especially if you are a beginner with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

CryptoCurrency Rags To Riches

Douglas Lampi is the author of the book "CryptoCurrency Rags To Riches" and in his book he will show you all you need to know to get started with cryptocurrencies. Douglas Lampi went from zero Bitcoin to $200K in 867 days, which is about two years and a half, and the book, which is in fact a text book, reveals how he has done that.

I am a student of his Cryptocurrency Trading Course on Digital Currency Traders and the book is the text book that goes with it. That is the first time that you have the possibility to buy the book as a standalone product, if you want to study by yourself and I include a 20% discount coupon for it at the end of this post.

Let's watch the promo video of "CryptoCurrency Rags To Riches."

The book is a 60 page PDF book, which is a companion to the Cryptocurrency Trading Course, but the course is not included with the book. It is not intended to cover all areas of education for trading and investing, and is not for financial advice. 

What's in the book?

I have read the book twice and will read it again and again as it is full of information if you really want to learn how to make money with cryptocurrency.

These are the chapters of the book.  


  • A Bit About Me
  • How To Think About Money
  • How to Make Money
  • How to Grow Money
  • Help Me Reach More People

Knowledge vs Belief About Money 

  • What is Risk Capital?

Let’s Get Started 

  • Create a free wallet
  • Earning or Buying Your First Bitcoin

Select Your Destination Before You Begin

  • What Do You Think About Money?
  • Your Success
  • Twenty Dollars Per Week To Become A Millionaire
  • Three Categories Of People, And Their Money
  • Does Money Solve Money Problems?
  • How The Wealthy Think And Feel About Money
  • Two Financial Masters That Can Change Your World 

Three Ways I Make Bitcoin Residual Income 

  • The Worst First: Bitcoin Faucets
  • Small Scale Crypto Mining At Home
  • Blog To Build Referrals
  • Special Anti-Spam Warning
  • Crowdsource Your Free Bitcoin Earning
  • Cloud Mining
  • Trading Exchanges
  • Sports Betting

Safely Grow The Bitcoin You Earn 

  • Is this ‘Bitcoin Lending’ a scam?
  • Why It Works, Why It’s Safe
  • Compounding The Interest
  • The Lending Market is Connected to the Margin Trading Market
  • What Happens When You Put On A Long Position
  • What About When You Put On A Short Position?
  • Shorting The CryptoCurrency Markets
  • Lending In a CryptoCurrency Bull Market
  • Strategy For Safer Digital Currency Investing
  • Margin Lending on Poloniex
  • Layered Lending Strategy
  • Multi-Currency Lending
  • The Whales Lending Case Study
  • Getting Started on Bitfinex
  • Automate Your Lending
  • Tracking Your Profits

How We Learn To Trade CryptoCurrencies 

  • Learning To Fly A Plane
  • THE Most Important Principle of Trading
  • In times of stress we revert to habit
  • Drill For Skill
  • Required Reading For New Traders
  • Getting Ready For Trading

What To Do When You’re Wrong In Trading 

  • It’s Not Wrong To Be Wrong
  • How Can This Work?
  • Profitable Trader Shares Common, Learned, Habits
  • Neurons That Fire Together, Wire Together

Common Trading Mistakes 

Two Mistakes That ALL Traders Make 

  • Mistake One
  • Mistake Two
  • Why We Make Mistakes
  • Mistakes When Losing
  • Mistakes When Winning
  • Surround Yourself With Success Thinking

Reading Trade Formations on Price Charts 

  • Trend Change Formation
  • When Does The Trend Change Formation FAIL?
  • Using Rule #1 and #2 in Trend Trading
  • Range Breakout Trading
  • How to find profitable trade patterns
  • Swing Trading­ vs Trend Trading Chart Patterns
  • Practical Examples of Bottom Top Formations
  • Trendlines, Reversal Patterns and Moving Averages
  • A Simple Way To Backtest Your Trading Plan
  • The Trailing Buy-Order Tactic In Surging Alt Markets
  • How Build a Long-Term Position

Margin Trading on Poloniex 

  • How Margin Trading and Lending Work Together
  • How To Avoid Forced Liquidation
  • How price manipulation works in digital currencies
  • The Four Stages of the ‘Altcoin Buy-out Group’ Scheme
  • How to profit from pump and dump groups – without
  • participating
  • Jail time for insider trading and price manipulation?

Keeping A Trading Journal 

Organizing My Equity 

  • Trading Rules For Pool 1
  • Trading Rules for Pool 2
  • Trading Rules for Pool 3
  • Trading Rules for Pool 4

The Psychology Trading 


  • About the Author
  • Author Interviewed 

After reading this book I guarantee that you will have a better understanding about cryptocurrency trading and the money you will save by being well prepared and not stupidly losing trades will pay for the book over and over.

How to buy the book with a discount!

If you are interested to buy the book "Cryptocurrency Rags To Riches" you can use my special discount coupon code "michelsentme" at check out, I will get a small commission and you will get a 20% discount.

Click here to go to the sale page and read all the information about the book. 

Then add the book to the shopping cart.

You will see the shopping cart page where you have to enter the coupon "michelsentme" and then click "Update Cart."

You should see that you get $15.80 off and the price is now $63.20.

Click "Proceed to Checkout" 

Enter your billing details at the left, accept the terms and conditions, and then click "Place Order"

The payment is processed by CoinPayments and you can pay in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Select a coin, and then click "Complete Checkout."

You will receive a download link.

I hope showing you how to buy the book in Bitcoin or altcoin is useful for you.

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Michel Gerard


Looks interesting, I might have to see if I can get this on Audible!
Thanks for the suggestion Michel :)

@tomasgeorge it is not on Audible.

Bitcoin is truly changing the lives of so many people. More and more people are becoming millionaires thanks to this new technology and I hopefully I'll become one of them. This year has been amazing for bitcoin and hopefully the next year will be even better.
I'll be taking a look at this book, looks very interesting and insightful, thanks!

Thank you very much for your comment. I wish you'll become a millionaire too.

your all bitcoin news very important

Thank you very much for your support @rana420

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Blockchain is going to change a lot of things. I'm always fascinated by new things - cryptocurrency, blockchain. Thank you very much for sharing valuable information.

I am glad you like the post, thank you for commenting @rezoanulvibes.

You're welcome! Keep sharing!
See you around! :)

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