How to sell Bitcoin on eBay !

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Ever wondered if you can sell your bitcoin, ethereum or any other altcoins?

Guess what, you can. So, let me tell you how it works. Please know that this a totally safe approach and probably the best one but the responsibility totally lies upon you so do your due diligence before entering into any sort of transaction.

You are probably aware of the fact that eBay and PayPal don't cover very well the digital products.

That's because obviously scammers use those methods to steal from you. And, both PayPal and eBay favors the customer, so if you do not want to loose your Bitcoins, then you should probably pay attention to the following.

The problem with offering Bitcoins on eBay, by entirely accepting them electronically is that there is no physical angle involved. Which is why PayPal sides with the purchaser they aren't accustomed to selling digital products, simply tangible items.

So if you sell Bitcoins on eBay, you thus have to have something tangible involved and if it has tracking, its virtually impossible to get a charge back.

Following are the most vital things you have to check as new Bitcoin merchant on eBay.

  1. Bitcoins are sold only to "Verified" PayPal accounts.

  2. Verify the buyer's emails both on Paypal and eBay. They must be the match.

  3. After you receive the payments, ask the buyer to send his Bitcoin wallet address using a private eBay message and by email.

  4. In your offer, mention "The Seller reserves the right to cancel the transaction at any time. If this is the case, full refund will be issued." If the buyer feels suspicious, do not close the deal ! You will find another safe buyer.

  5. In your offer, mention "The Buyer will be fully responsible to provide the RIGHT Wallet address for delivery. There is no refund in case the wrong wallet address is provided. Do not forget Bitcoin transfer is irreversible."

  6. Check the buyer reviews. Look for positive recommended reviews and check the review's dates. It is recommended to consider the latest reviews and then act based on those reviews.

  7. Then as suggested by Paypal themselves, feel free to ask an ID photocopy in order to verify the Paypal account. It is the best way to sell safely bitcoins worldwide via Paypal.

  8. At last, send the buyer your Blockchain reference form the aforementioned transaction. It should look like this It will show the transactions to the buyer for confirmation.

This is more of a similar method to using Local Bitcoins website but I don't like those because the rates are simply too high for the likes of me.

Let me know in the comment section if you have any other relevant ideas.

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Well, I sell virtually anything on EBay, but never considered crypto. Food for thought, thanks :D