FLUZCOIN - The AI-Based Retail Cryptocurrency - All Set To Take On 23 Trillion Dollar Industry | SALE LIVE - 💰 55% BONUS BEFORE HITTING 20th OF JULY !

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Cryptocurrencies have come a long way. We all know that the fundamental benefit of Cryptography and blockchain technology is indisputable. Yet, the critical point of mass adoption has not been achieved. So, what prevent the widespread use of cryptocurrencies by consumers and merchants alike?

On technological front, Four key factors that comes into mind, slow transaction speed, high transaction cost, insufficient KYC compliance, and excess volatility. While some of the points may be debatable but without a doubt they play an important role. Anyway, so what if we could have a platform that comes with all these solutions based on the mistakes made in the past? I am pretty sure you would like that. So, let's get into it.

🔔 Introducing Fluzcoin

Fluzcoin is an intelligent retail protocol currency specifically designed to solve the most salient problems within cryptocurrency world. Fluzcoin aims to deploy a true retail coin that is ready for mass consumers and merchant/retailer adoption.

Fluzcoin uses the Ethereum based Quorum technology as their blockchain layer. It provides Fluzcoin holders fast transaction speed and additional layers of privacy, which is sadly not satisfactory in other blockchain protocols. To help resolve the potential crypto economic volatility, Fluzcoin team has created the Fluzcoin Artificial Intelligence (AI). This algorithm is responsible for market correction in real time to make sure the Fluzcoin supply and demand runs in alignment with each other. This ensures sufficient volatility and merchant trust.

Fluzcoin holders enjoy effortless staking of new coins by merely holding the coin. The value gained by generating new Fluzcoins is maximized by Fluzcoin holders in the form of staking rewards on compound basis. Here's a a calculating tool that should help your formulating your staking strategy.

🔊 Retail Adoption and Extended Merchant Insights

Fluzcoin enables merchants to extract data driven insights that leads to profitable decision making. Aggregating over individual shoppers the Fluzcoin Consumer Insights API enables merchants to dock on and retrieve information and insights about the behavior, interests and intents of their shoppers.

The broader Fluzcoin adoption; the better the consumer insights merchants can draw from implementing and incentivizing Fluzcoin - strengthening the depths and breadths of consumer insights. I believe that all these features makes Fluzcoin well positioned within the global market towards mobile payments.

Anyone can create a currency. The hard part is getting it accepted - Hyman Minsky

Let's take a look at how Fluzecoin plans to energize the merchant adaptation drive.

  1. Careful choice of limited initial geographic scope
  2. Focus on specific customer and merchant target group
  3. Heavy brand building efforts leading to increased word-of-mouth and
  4. Aggressive commercial incentives and Next generation Loyalty Platform — tradable points/tokens
  5. Seamless CRYPTO-to-FIAT conversion at retail POS with Zero Transaction costs are set to yield gradually to mass adoption

What About My Grandma, Does She Get To Use It?

We have heard many times that only those coins will prosper in the long-run that are easy to use and your Grandma get to use it. Being a retail coin means that you will have to probably make several transaction a day which obviously demands that the process should be seamless and less time taking. You don't want to figure out the transaction process while making other people wait in the queue.

Let's take a look at how Fluzcoin makes it easy for shoppers to make payments at their daily utility stores.

As you can see that a user acceptance of the payment is embedded into a scannable QR code - once the QR code is scanned, transaction is fired. Pretty simple right?

Just Another Currency?

No, not at all. Fluzcoin has got wings to fly. The project is still very young but in a short span of time it has managed to grab the attention of big media giants such as Forbes, Yahoo Finance Article 1 and Article 2, Entrepreneur, NewsBTC and many more. I know that's not enough for a coin to succeed, but it signals something really important. It signals that the people behind the project are really serious about it and it's not just another coin that will vanish any time soon. Many projects fails on the marketing front to successfully pitch their project to the non-crypto users and other specifically focus on the Crypto users - which is a flawed approach. Fluzcoin is after everyone.

So how does Fluzcoin ensures to hit the Bulls eye? - By employing the best in the business. A wise man once said;

A coin is only as good as its team - @ghayas :)

Fluzcoin have a massive team of individuals that has worked in the past for giants like Google, PyaPal, TechCrunch, Nike, Zalando, Sway Ventures, Zara, Cdiscount and many more. I believe that's a nice blend of people to work on a project which is meant for a widespread public use. Each of the team member has a personalized video on the Fluzcoin web page explaining their vision. There are tons of other videos if you are interested to know more.

The Market Potential

The total retail sales in 2017 were $23 trillion, and it is expected that the cash influx will continue to grow by $4 trillion till 2020. E-commerce alone brags about $2.3 trillion and will double by the time we reach the year 2021. This shouldn’t be all too surprising since commerce is what fuels the entire world economy.

Whether buying something as essential as food or purchasing new hardware for business, all supply chain pathways ultimately lead to the end consumer. Web 2.0, which is rapidly evolving towards Web 3.0, helped eCommerce giants such as eBay, Amazon and Alibaba expand the retail market. Now, we can buy/sell anything we want from just about anywhere in the world.

Cryptocurrencies has taken the world by storm. Some are skeptical, others are brimming with eagerness while hailing blockchain and cryptocurrency as a disruptive technology that will forever change the way people trade on daily basis. Even though the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), has been around since 2009, the retail industry has clearly exhibited their hesitancy regarding cryptocurrency adoption.

Granted, there are several retailers who gladly accept the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH) and a few other coins. For example, Microsoft, Overstock, Subway, Pizzaforcoins and Shopify – just to name a few. However, these are only a fraction of the roughly 2-3 million eCommerce sites worldwide. I think that a specialized coin like Fluzcoin with it's AI powered technology, volatility controlled measures, dedicated POS devices and a top-notch team can penetrate that market.

📰 Coin Specs/Stats

Fluzcoin ERC-20 sale is live. After Fluzcoin Blockchain launch, participants will be able to replace their ERC-20 Tokens for Fluzcoin on Fluzcoin Blockchain at 1:1 basis. Here's some token metrics that you might be interested in.

Total Supply3,223,000,000 FFC
Tokens for Sale2,120,000,000 FFC (~65,78%)
Public Pre-Sale started29th June, 2018
Price1 Fluzcoin = 0.1 USD

🔔 Fluzcoin SALE IS LIVE 🚀

Fluzcoin sale is live and there's a bumper offer of 55% BONUS if you buy before 20th of July. Please note that crowd sale is only limited to whitelisted users. If you would like to whitelist? Click Here. Here's a detailed guide that should help you with the procedure of whitelisting.

📇 Resources and Links

If you would like to read more in-depth about Fluzcoin visit any of the following resources or any of their social platforms for live chat.


:۞:••:۞: Thank you for Reading :۞:••:۞:

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I'm new to coins technology knowledge. I know sooo little about it. I found that it is quite useful and interesting info about the four key factors from the past to be fixed for a better coins' user friendliness. This part has been the most joyful part for me in reading this article, and am trying to keep up with the rest of the info since the lack of my knowledge especially when it comes to technical terms. But I do enjoy and try to keep up.

And that AI technology injected to it makes me think of it like "a smart coin" or "a robot that pays when you buy something and fix problems related to it when there is any". It's like T100 that pays your bill and says, "I'll be paying! Like always!"

Cryptocurrencies has taken the world by storm. Some are skeptical, others are brimming with eagerness while hailing blockchain and cryptocurrency as a disruptive technology that will forever change the way people trade on daily basis.

I bet you must be the latter.

Thanks for this article and the ones before it.


Most certainly I am. :)

As for the AI, it's basically a balancing tool that makes sure you don't catch a heart attack with the wild swings.

Thanks for the feedback!

Interesting ..should read and learn more about it.

Coins with real usage are the key to success. Fluzcoin seems to have the advantage of bigger audience to serve - I like that.

Retail sector definitely needs attention and a specialized coin should fill the gaps. Looks good - The marketing seems strong. thanks for the info.

Fluzcoin really good for investors. Now the rate of 0.1usd is the good price. Thanks for the sharing.

Currency will become almost entirely digital in all well developed countries in the near future. That is not an opinion. In A US consumer study done 4 years ago only 9% of consumers chose cash as a preferred payment. This creates a whole new digital eco system where crypto currencies come into play. Something to think about ; The entire global equity markets total to roughly $68.5 trillion. The Crypto market is a global market and it’s total is $568 Billion.... There will be growth. This is only the beginning.


Yeah, there will come time when cash would no longer be applicable. And I think the dynamics have already changed. People now prefer to use plastic cards and other prepaid/postpaid plans that offer different packages. We are moving towards a cashless ecosystem and cryptocurrencies have laid the foundations. The potential is just massive. Thanks

Eine Freundin habe ich das ICO empfohlen.
Freut mich zu sehen das es Potenzial hat
danke für das teilen


Vielen Dank


ich habe zu danken

nice write ghayas!!!
looks interesting

is this suppose to be a stable coin?


Yeah, the coin is designed in a way that the AI-based technology will take care of the fluctuations.

I am sure this coin will have different impact to this market , thank you bro for this information


Sure, thank you for stopping by.

Wow! Followed you mateThis is something to look for. Hopefully you can also follow me on Steemit I'll Follow you back


Thank you. Appreciate it.

Will check it out, seems promising!

Its so well details. I will do a deeper search on it. However i love all this staff on cryptocurrencies.

Thanks for sharing


Thank you.. Sure always DYOR.


Awesome my friend. Nice steeming

Implementing coin exchanges within the retail system is smart. What is even more clever is Fluzcoin's AI. Indeed cryptocurrencies are volatile and very unpredictable. But one thing is for sure, every cryptocurrency is going to evolve and become better and better, that's just how technology works and how cryptocurrency has evolved since its inception in 2009 with Bitcoin. The potential is unprecedented, which is why Blockbasis wants to support cryptocurrencies' continuous development through our platform, where users can send and receive cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more with just an email address. Besides sending and receiving via email, users can exchange cryptocurrency on our DEX.


Yeah, I love the diversification coming into the crypto industry. And all these specialized coins are making a huge difference in driving consumers. Tx

Seems simple enough for grandma. I like the retail ideas. There are some competitors though. How will it fare against something like Graft?


I am aware of the Graft coin although haven't read in depth. But its been long since they are doing this but haven't created the buzz that one would expect from such a massive project. Let's see..

I hope fluz coin lunch on time and perform well in market.


It will be right on time. Thank you for the kinds wishes. Make sure to not miss it.

Concept is good, but i guess ico price is too high.


I think its fair. The project is aiming for a massive target audience so I assume they will soon run out. Currently running on a 55% BONUS.

hello good initiative

Als ich von Fluzcoin gehört hatte, habe ich mich zuerst über das ganze Projekt informiert, viel gelesen und das wichtigste raus notiert. Habe mir das Team angesehen und die ganzen Partner, die das Projekt mit unterstützen werden.
Ich musste nicht lange nachdenken und habe mich sofort auf die "Whitelist" eintragen lassen, die E-Mail bestätigt und den weiteren Anweisungen gefolgt. Habe meinen gewünschten Betrag übermittelt und meine Token (+55%) erhalten.
Ich bin richtig stolz auf mich 😀👍, dass ich helfen kann, dieses Projekt mit zu unterstützen, denn ich sehe ein riesengroßes Potenzial darin und die Zukunft.


Genial. Wenn du mit FluzzCoin viel Geld verdienst, kannst du mir einen dicken Tipp schicken :) Danke für deinen Besuch.


gerne doch und danke

Sounds great @ghayas .. "Gameplan Coins" with are always more exciting than "Another Coin" .. just curious how much does this one differ from

  1. GRAFT with is based on cryptonote and integrated with industry giants like Verifone and Ingenico

  2. Puni X .. which is gaining traction in Asia

  1. Compared to those projects Fluzcoin team is more experienced in actual Retail having members who were/are executives of companies like Zalando or Cdiscount.

  2. Fluzcoin provides benefits for Merchants which would make them more eager to partner with Fluzcoin. For example, data-driven customer insights like which demographics group purchases the most or what are the customer interests, behaviour.

I hope that helps.


Nice .. thanks for the insight :)

The coin looks promising, but I'm worried about the supply volume, as I consider this as an important fact - high volume low value. Though I am still very new in this area (cryptos), so I would not mind if you can throw more light in this regard @ghayas.


Supply doesn't always matter. But yeah investor takes it seriously and it affects. But please remember thats its not like the supply is issued on day 1. It takes years and years to reach the max supply.

I also want to pouchavstvovat! Present, please, at least a flower!

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Not qualifed ... :(

pls upvote to uplift my mood. :)

Great write up my friend. I am now following your work, please check out my work and follow me


Sure, thanks.


Thank you

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