Top 1 of ICO this year. 15 October public sale Kirik Meta Protokol

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As already previously wrote in this post This is the only significant ICO this year in which I participate. For me it is Top - 1.

This year, in January, I gave an overview of only one ICO (Arcblock), all my further activities were around the already existing projects on the exchange, trading brings enough pleasure and consider ICO projects, I do not want to, but I am very familiar with the Kirik project and it is no accident, I have been closely monitoring the activities of this team for more than a year and look forward to the project from them.

And it is not casual - because investments in smart contracts brought exorbitant profits, people who invested $ 100, became millionaires.

In fact, now a large number of projects have devoted their activities to smart contracts, apparently now there is no more promising activity than the automation of processes on the blockchain. We can now observe the development of many projects in the present time, we have access to road maps of most projects, so we can judge logically and objectively about their prospects. I initially focused on the fact that it is important to have several such projects in my portfolio, at the moment, I have not added anything to my portfolio for the last few months. All sorts of nonsense like dageferium I am not interested, for the simple reason that they can not compete with Ethereum, because the problems that they solve, Ethereum has already solved. I'm talking about sharding. As far as I know, there are some other quite odious projects of smart contracts linking contracts to geolocation. I can't consider it essential to compete with Ethereum. By the way, Ethereum is incredibly cheap now, and if you don't have enough in your portfolio, I recommend buying it. Since I have it in my sufficient number and I do not see a serious investment potential in it, I pay all my attention to new projects that are connected in one way or another with this most promising at the moment sphere in the field of IT. Surprisingly, lately I've noticed that manipulation of the stock market, causing significant damage to the projects, sometimes killing their development. Since not everyone is interested in using cryptocurrency because of its high volatility, the interest in projects is weakened. But I am sure that this is only a temporary factor and work on the elimination of this problem is already underway in the company KIRIK, because I have known this team very well, I have no doubt that they will succeed in the future. Of course, until they will not achieve success in addressing this problem, they don't report it because they are not ranters like me ))). So when I write that I think that tomorrow the market will fall into the abyss, I can afford it, coz no responsiblility another thing is a team of professionals who can not afford to throw words to the wind, so it's just my words, not them, but I for my part can assure that I am confident in their success, of course it will take a lot of time, but not more than projects like ARСBLOCK or TRON. But even now they can guarantee that during roadmap time they will have an ecosystem, with many fundamental differences from other projects, so their competitiveness is beyond doubt. By the way, a huge incredible luck for me, that I have already participated in the presale, however, I looked at the metrics and my analysis, suggested that after listing on the exchange, the price of the token will immediately grow, so I decided that I will take part in the public sale, still I am a trader and miss this opportunity, it would be rash. Although I can not be sure that the HYIP project will be high, I am now writing this post, just to increase this level, thereby increasing the chances of success in the listing, of course I do not know the future, but with the available facts, my analysis shows the levels are slightly lower than the Korean ICON. So for a long time I finally visited the inspiration, I'm not sure that it will give me the strength to fully talk about all the benefits of the project Kirik, but it's from me and is not required, I will provide links to all their resources and contacts, where there is all available information about them. And in my own words, I will add that logically speaking, the project should have a product that really corresponds to the existing realities. You know, if everyone knew how to program smart contracts on Ethereum or neo, I would not be able to focus on the visual constructor that will be implemented by the Kirik team. Is it really necessary in a world where everything is progressing? now, even in the third world, there are a lot of automated processes on the blockchain, which were introduced to help earn or protect. Therefore, blockchain technology is gaining all-consuming volumes and captures more and more areas of activity, more and more companies are finding success thanks to blockchain. At the same time, many companies do not yet have the ability to use blockchains to create smart contracts due to lack of knowledge to write them. Such companies are more than 300 million, they may not all need smart contracts, but if you take at least 1%- it will be 3 million potential customers who want to be able to use these processes for the development of their business. Alas, as I wrote earlier, they still have nowhere to go, since there are not so many professionals capable of writing smart contracts, here it is suitable, visually intuitive designers of smart contracts, from Kirik. Perhaps as a person who has already lost a few dollars due to the imperfection of the written smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, I can share another important observation, this is the fact that it is not enough to just write a smart contract, if it is written by a weak programmer, then there will certainly be holes that attackers can take advantage of, for example, recently rewrote their smart contract guys from Morpheus(Morpheus.Network (MRPH) What kind of horror happened with the investors, I'm invested and have been extremely amazed at the incompetence, people who are behind this project, positioned themselves as cool dudes, able to organize logistics, behind them are a cool guy from DHL, they were on the verge of incredible success, but they wrote a smart contract, allowed hackers to deceive their investors and steal their money, in fact, this attack touched all investors and the reputation of the project, dropping the value of their tokens to an extremely low level. I don't think they'll recover quickly from this. Therefore, it is extremely important now - to recheck the smart contract, do its audit and test for vulnerabilities, it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, this can not afford a simple company, but the damage caused is often much higher in the aftermath. Of course, I write about this because the Kirik team solves this problem by implementing a semantic method of verification, this method was developed long ago by Russian scientists, and now it can be applied in practice, sometimes you do not know when it can be useful. What most affected, the team Kirik automat audit process semantic method. Seems incredible? But there's nothing fantastic here for me at least. Since the people behind the Kirik project are a team of professionals who know their business at a very high level, moreover, they have all the resources for this. Huge experience of more than 20 years of work. The core of the team, in addition to programming skills, has the necessary leadership and development experience, which they proved in practice, having managed to conclude the necessary partnerships in a short time. As far as I know they have the necessary contacts with the land of the rising sun to promote the project, in Japan, contacts in Asia do not end there, even with the Philippines they have established close cooperation since ancient times, in addition to this they already have a partnership with banks, large mobile operators. As I wrote earlier, the people behind the project are really incredible. And maybe their names are not so well known in the crypto world, in big business they are well known and have proven themselves only from the best side.


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