High Top Airdrop ~ 20 000$ Very very easy to take!

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Guys it is more than possible and no difficulties, just take what's rightfully his!
At the time, the ripple, also handed out 20,000 coins and look now it's$ 10,000 or 30000$ in Jan 2018 So what's to think just confirm your mail!

The guys at the time, make Paypal now came into the crypt want to make us rich, it's simple you need to register on the link and confirm the mail, no need for any KYC to pass > just click link and confirm mail.
Guys there is no risk! No need to provide personal data! This propagation according to the principle of scaling the more people involved the more value $$$

  • "This is a new currency and payment network called Initiative Q, it was created by the guys who used to work in PayPal. Now the currency Q is distributed free of charge if you were invited by a previously registered participant.
    The idea is that millions of people join the network, Q could become the world's leading payment network, and then on the basis of well-known economic models, the amount of remuneration will be about $20,000.
    The amount you reserve decreases every day, and each member has a limited number of invitations. You can use my invitation link, here it is: https://initiativeq.com/invite/B47cLbF67
    (Not worry. It's not cheating. You just need to provide your name and email address and your seat will be reserved).

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I registered under your referal/invite. Remember to verify my registration so we both get tokens @gefa :)


Hi. I registered under your invite. Please verify.



Great. I just got Q1,906 = $1906 USD payable in 2021.

Nice article, thanks for sharing.

I would look into Crowdholding as well, they are a cryptocurrency platform where you can earn crypto for giving feedback to startups. They have over 28k signups and 50 different projects. It's completely free and a great place to earn tokens without investing or mining.


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