Animation: How fast is Crypto-Currency? And which one is faster?

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago

In this Animation I illustrate a race between a Bank-Transfer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Golos and Steem. This is a crude animation, I would like to see it in accurate speed:ratio in a 3D-Animation were twenty coins compete on a Nascar Race-Track, but until then - Enjoy this one :)

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They say I´m a Dolphin

(please resteem)

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The voiceover is really great ;).

Hahahah! This is fun, I really need to join Golos to see how it's there and maybe i will learn some Russian after all:)

You don't sound like a dolphin at all ;)


lmao :) thank you, I guess :)

I thought you may have needed a part 2 of this video to show the bank transfer getting to the finish line :)


hehe, yeah :) I should, lmao

Golos is still fast due to a small quantity of holders


Yeah, I love Golos as much as Steem - Great tokens!

Good infomation


It was requested :)

Golos was surprised me, did not expect from him. Well, banks, as always, no comment:)


Bling bling bling bing :D

Banks... hah! I have no comment on banks anymore. Or on all the FEES they charge.

steem faster than btc? didn't see that coming lol

1000 times YES

Hahaha! Once again you gave me a great laugh!

Great illustration but don't forget that sometimes the bank transfer will bounce back (just happened to me)

What about Dash instant send?