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lyricist, composer and singer Shafiq Tuhin, the musician Asif Akbar is in jail. A team of the Crime Investigation Department (CID) arrested Asif from his office on Tuesday midnight on Tuesday. Since then, there is a lot of melodramatic music. Many opinions have been circulated in the social media. They are now looking for beautiful solutions for beautiful music. Yesterday the first light contacted the original two sides. Their latest position was highlighted here.

On Friday, the plaintiff of the case Shafiq Tuhin said, "In trouble, we have sued for life. Without any permission or signature, Asif has sold many songs of many songs in other places. This is the situation in complaining.
Shafiq Tuhin further said, 'After the allegation, Asif came to Live from his Verify Facebook page on 2 June night and licked my parents and mother. There, he said, some people including Shafiq Tuhin will be arrested. He also ordered the fans to resist me. Since then, his followers were threatening many ways.
The songwriter, composer and singer said, "After getting the case, getting more threats of murder. False comments are being made on Facebook by opening fake IDs. "He said that the artist is insulted by the artist as he is an artist and he is insulting another artist.
Shafiq Tuhin said, "We look forward to humility, respect, artistic behavior from an artist. Suit, prison, prison is not for musicians. Their work is done with studio, guitar, recording. But tell me, at what level could an artist come to this conclusion against another artist? '
What to do with the case now? He said, 'It has gone in the legal process. I want to get the right judgment from that place. Since Eid in front, I do not want any member of the music family to be in jail. I will have support and support for Asif's bail.
However, Shafiq Tuhin suffered the sadness of the behavior of the family of the music family. He said, 'When Asif cheated on the live, nobody gave him advice. Now everyone is up for compromise. If they had already opened their mouths, then this would not have been a problem. '



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