Free Crypto - This weeks best picks includes Ethos, Capp, Giff Coin & More

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After the success of my last post Grab Your Free Crypto I am back to share some of the best picks available on the market.

Once a week I will do a round-up of the best coins available for FREE & other ways to grab yourself some lovely crypto.

Why do companies give away free coins?

This can be for a number of reasons which include:
A new company launching an ICO
Existing coin looking to attract new investors
Marketing campaign to boost telegram numbers, social media followers and more.

First up is Ethos.


Dubbed the coin base killer!!

This is the simplest way to secure some free crypto.

Simply pre-register for the new universal wallet.

Ethos 2.PNG

By signing up, here are just some of the perks you will receive.

Ethos 3.PNG

Ethos 4.PNG

You have until the 31st March before the pre-registration closes.

You can get all the above at Ethos.

Ok, next up we have Capp.

I mentioned this coin in my last article but the airdrop is still active.


This token is currently trading on Kucoin and Cryptoia.

ATH $0.49 - 15th Jan 2018

💰 Get 5 Free tokens(tradeable)
📝Requirements - Join telegram group, register email and then verify.

When you join the Telegram group you will see this which has the links for you to get the tokens......

Capp 2.PNG

If you recommend anyone to the 5 FREE tokens you will also receive another 10 FREE tokens just like I am doing here.

Capp also offers a FREE airdrop to token holders throughout the year, details are below.

capp 3.PNG

Grab your FREE tokens here ----> CAPP

Next we have GIF Coin.

Gambling Investment Fund.

This looks a very interesting ICO as it already has a working product.


Also, it has received some decent scores from the many different ICO review websites.


💰 Recieve 200 + 500 tokens
📝Requirements - Register and verify email for 200 tokens, then refer others for 500 more tokens.

Grab your FREE tokens here ----> GIF COIN

Next up we have Sphere.


Now I have to admit that I really like this and am going to invest in the ICO itself.

It is a social media platform similar to Steemit, powered by SAT tokens.


Like Giff coin, this has also received good scores from many different ICO review sites.

Sphere 1.PNG

💰 Recieve 20 tokens
📝Requirements - Register and verify your email address.

Grab your FREE tokens here ----> SPHERE

Next, we have dBounce


What is it?



They are giving away in total 80,000,000 tokens.

Part of this promotion is to increase there Telegram group to over 15,000 members.

Closing date is Sunday 11th March.

💰 Recieve 100 tokens
📝Requirements - Register email and then join the telegram group.

After you have done the above then go to your wallet on the website.

This is found on your dashboard.

Update your telegram ID and ETH address to get your 100 tokens.

Grab your FREE tokens here ----> dBounce

Finally, we have SOFIN


Sofin is an international fiat platform for P2P loans based on the blockchain.

Very similar to ETHLend & Salt.

It is currently in its ICO and tokens cost $0.2


Based on the price in the current ICO sale, it values the FREE tokens at $10.

💰 Recieve 50 tokens ($10)
📝Requirements - Sign up, join the telegram group.

After this go back to the website and click the air drops tab, enter your telegram name and also your ETH address.

Grab your FREE tokens here ----> SOFIN

And that concludes this article.

As always when it comes to anything crypto related please do your own research.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this.

Keep updated for more crypto tips and earning money online @furn01

You can see my article from last week here ----> Grab Your FREE Crypto

Take Care


Disclaimer: This post is my own personal opinion, please do your own research before making any investment into any cryptocurrency. You can lose some or all of your investments. By reading this article you acknowledge and accept this.


Thanks for your kind sharing. I wouldn't miss out the chance to get some free coin :)

Your very welcome :-)

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Thanks for the awesome Airdrops! Didn't know ETHOS was doing an Airdrop!
Take a look at my article about AELF airdrop as well!

Hey @correia

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, i will head over and check it out now :-)

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thanks for introducing those new coins (new for me) but one question: What is your personal experience after confirming your mailaddress ? How much spam did you receive on it after you started ? I already had some very bad experiences with spam after I registered for wallets etc ....

Hello @weirdrat

For anything crypto I have set up a separate email account, that way everything is together and I dont miss any news.

Also I try to only pick coins and projects which look good so I get very little spam, however, if you do start to get spam simply block the sender.

Hope this helps and thanks for leaving a comment.

Very nice post will check these out and follow you thanks furn01

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

I am glad you found it useful.

Good post, i'll get some of these free tokens

Thank you :-)

Good luck and thanks for leaving a comment.

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Hello @bitgeek

Great to see this, I really like your updates and they also link to many other great blog posts.

For anyone reading this I highly recommend that you give @bitgeek a follow and look at some of his great articles as you will find some really good content.

Thanks for the heads up, always down to grab some free cryptos any day...thumbs up! :)

Your welcome :-)

Got to love the free crypto haven't you!!

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Coins mentioned in post:

CoinPrice (USD)📉 24h📉 7d

Not a good day overall in the crypto world with the news from Binnance and BTC dropping below $10,000.

I think the next few weeks will still be quiet and then see it start to pick up again come the end of March.

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I always like some free Crypto. I got around 20$ worth of BTC from Kucoins Twitter giveaways so far.

Who doesn't :-)

Giveaways are great but there are thousands of people all trying so it is a number and luck game.

Airdrops are great providing you get in early before they close or they run out of freebies.

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I only get the sphere before this post, now i try the others!! Great article!!

Hey @cryptomaniacsgr

You are welcome :-)

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